A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

A. Jaffe engagement rings are one of our sleekest, most sophisticated designer rings here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. They’re our leading solitaire, with brides all over the world demanding more info as soon as we post one to Instagram. We don’t blame them! Hand made in NYC, every A. Jaffe setting just oozes the elegance of the Big City, but with its trademark streamlined opulence.

Every A. Jaffe engagement ring goes through a rigorous design and quality control checklist. It takes about two weeks to make every single setting, and that’s just the beginning. From there, the ring still has to pass the test! A. Jaffe engagement rings have to get straight A’s on all the checkpoints below.

  • The signature squared shank on every A. Jaffe ring must be smooth and perfectly symmetrical, with its widened base and soft corners preventing the ring from moving. These rings won’t spin or slide, regardless of how many times you wave it around.
  • No nickel necessary. Plenty of people love the look (and price point) of white gold, but can’t wear contemporary jewelry because of its nickel content. These rings are guaranteed to be nickel free. In fact, the alloy is superior in other ways too. It must be created with 40% more palladium than the industry standard to ensure it’s not only hypoallergenic, but that it will remain bright white longer than other metals that need rhodium more frequently.
  • Every setting is burnished, for metal that’s less porous, denser, and heavier – and, of course, less susceptible to chemical wear and tear.
  • Every prong is hand crafted to ensure a lifetime of security for every diamond on an A. Jaffe ring – not just the center stone. This includes every tiny, brilliantly glittering diamond in every row of micropave and on every prong.
  • Every prong, even those minute micropave prongs, is checked and smoothed so that the setting will blend perfectly into your lifestyle, no snags allowed. Hello silk engagement party dress!
  • Each ring is created by a master jeweler, but triple checked by other A. Jaffe jewelers, all of whom have generations of knowledge passed down to them. This results in DECADES of combined expertise oohing and ahh-ing over each other’s handiwork – and pointing out even the tiniest of flaws.
  • Every diamond must pass the tests of A. Jaffe’s diamond experts. They are specifically trained to choose the best, most perfectly matched diamonds for all-over consistent color, clarity, and shine.
  • Because A. Jaffe sources its diamonds only from Kimberley Process compliant dealers, their rings are also conflict-free.
  • Every ring must undergo six (6!) stages of polishing to guarantee the brightest, most dazzling final result.

We can’t get enough of our A. Jaffe engagement rings because, thanks to their quality checklist, they’re as close to pure perfection as you can get.

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