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Christmas in July at Raymond Lee Jewelers

It’s that time agaaaaain – our annual Christmas in July sale! That’s right, we’re here to get “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” stuck in your head a whole 5 months early. Well, 5 months until actual Christmas. Only three until you start eyeing the holiday decorations at your favorite stores, right? But beyond catchy NSYNC classics and a DVR bursting at the seams with Hallmark Christmas movies, we know what makes the holiday season shine just a little brighter.

(Hint, it’s diamonds.) With the countdown officially on until the 2017 holiday season, we wanted to kick it off at the halfway mark by marking down some of the best inventory in our collections. Before we start to see our first holiday layaway customers, we wanted to spread some cheer to our loyal clientele who believe in the real meaning of Christmas in July: Treat yo’self.

Rolex will be discounted!

Beginning today, we’re hosting VIP appointments to give you a sneak peek at the best of our sale before it officially kicks off this weekend. All day Friday July 21st and Saturday July 22nd, we’re marking down pretty much e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g at our West Boca flagship location, the one and only Raymond Lee Jewelers. From Rolex to Cartier, our estate jewelry will be on major sale, along with our diamond jewelry, precious gemstones, and all major luxury watch brands.

Designer estate jewelry marked waaaay down!

The best of the sale (50% off!) is available only at our West Boca showroom, so we’re serving light fare, champagne and craft beer to cool off the summer heat and make things even more festive. But with Christmas in July, there’s only one person on your shopping list, you don’t have to put any elf on any shelf, there’s no family dinner to plan and prep…you just start tearing into some majorly luxurious gifts, don your new diamonds and grab a pool raft to relax on – no need to clean up any pine needles afterwards. If you happen to be a long distance friend, don’t worry, we’re still offering 10% off sitewide in our online showroom too.

Diamonds? Marked down!

We can’t wait to show you the fantastic deals we’re unveiling, so call us today to set up an appointment with one of our experts to get undivided attention and the very best service.

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