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Diamond Rings for Men

Diamond Rings for Men

14k Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Men's Ring

The adage that diamonds are a girl’s best friend may be true, but that sells the gorgeous diamond a bit short. Diamonds, really, are for everyone. They add a touch of class, glamour, and style to any piece of jewelry and when worn right, will take your look to a whole new level. 

Jewelry gives us the ability to say a lot about who we are. The style and quality of the jewelry we wear tell others something about our status. Jewelry tells others about our style and personality.

Human adornment is a practice as old as humanity. We have always used stones, metals, shells, and other materials to decorate our hair and bodies. This allows us to set ourselves apart from others and tells them about our station in life.

Flash forward to today and we still use the jewelry and other materials to decorate our bodies and for much the same reason. It is a connection to the past and what really makes us human. No wonder so many of us still take care in choosing the perfect adornments. 

Of Course, Men Can Wear Diamonds

yellow gold rings with diamonds

There is a common misconception that diamonds are for women. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Diamonds truly are for everyone. They are stunning and gorgeous stones that can enhance a look, regardless of gender. They give off a look of elegance and refined style.

Wearing diamonds shows our status and our style. It shows that we care about the finer things in life. Diamonds show that quality is important to us. They indicate wealth, class, and luxury.

Too often, diamonds are the purview of women. If men do wear jewelry, they feel they are relegated to basic metals. However, this sells men short. There are sporty, manly pieces that feature a range of gemstones and styles.

These pieces of jewelry give off a look of unmatched style and class and give your look a bit of sparkle that it wouldn’t otherwise have. Diamonds on men create an eye-catching look that many aren’t expecting.

Men might not want to wear the same type of diamond jewelry as a woman and may choose different styles. A man may want a simpler piece of jewelry with fewer stones, but the stones certainly add to the look.

Match Your Style

Jewelry comes in a huge array of styles. Whether the jewelry contains stones or not, the look and feel of each piece can vary widely. When it comes to men wearing rings, we most often think of wedding bands.

Wedding bands do not have to be this plain band with no decoration or added adornment. Men may not want a ring entirely encrusted in diamonds, but this doesn’t mean that diamonds won’t add a really nice look to the ring.

Since we wear a wedding ring every day, we want to choose a ring that matches our personal style and lifestyle. We want something that we feel is a reflection of who we are and our relationship. Diamonds are forever, or so the adage goes, so it makes sense that so many want a diamond in their wedding ring.

Champagne Diamonds and Yellow Gold Ring

The diamond in a wedding ring has a nice symbolism for a relationship. Men’s rings tend to be chunkier and wider than women’s rings. For this reason alone, a ring entirely encrusted with diamond not only looks strange but is very expensive. The stones need to be much larger to match the size of the ring.

A few small stones in unique shapes or cuts are a great way to add diamonds to a ring. A chunky ring with a few carefully selected diamonds creates a look of effortless style and elegance. It gives off the air of the finer things, while still being clearly masculine.

Men’s Diamond Ring Styles

Now that we have broken the myth that diamonds are the purview of women only, let’s take a closer look at diamond rings for men. One thing we should note is that, historically, the men in society use adornment more than women. The top men in society wore tons of jewelry to display their status in the culture. 

Today, the tables have turned and jewelry seems to be more the realm of women, but this doesn’t have to be so. The wedding ring, we note earlier, is the most common piece of jewelry men wear. If we think about men wearing jewelry, the wedding ring is what most of us think of immediately.

Since this is such a common piece of jewelry worn by men, it is a great area to add a bit of glitz and shine. But wedding rings are not the only type of diamond ring men wear.

The signet ring is another common piece of jewelry worn by men. These can easily be studded with diamonds in a range of shapes and sizes and it looks great whether in a formal or casual setting. The signet ring is something men have worn for centuries.

These rings are market by their flat, round top with some sort of engraving or stones. In ancient times, the signet ring doubled as the ruler’s seal. The engraving in the signet ring could be pressed into wax to create a unique seal.

Today, some signet rings have engravings, but this is far less common than in years past. Many choose a decoration of diamonds or other gemstones to create a flat top with a unique design.

A Note On Diamonds for Men

In our discussion on diamond rings for men, we would be remiss if we didn’t touch on other pieces of diamond jewelry that are great for men. Diamond rings need not be all a man wear that includes diamonds.

There are tons of pieces that can be enhanced with a little bit of sparkly and glint. Just because a piece of jewelry is made for men doesn’t mean that it can’t have a bit of bling on it. Some carefully placed diamonds will take any piece of jewelry to another level.

Diamonds belong in jewelry, whether the jewelry is for men or women. Men’s jewelry tends to be sportier and simpler than women’s jewelry. But it too is enhanced with diamonds. Chunkier, thicker pieces may not look great with a ton of diamonds, but a few diamonds will elevate the look and feel of any piece.

Don’t be afraid to use diamonds in a wide range of contexts. High-end timepieces that feature high-quality, stunning clear diamonds give off a look of unparalleled luxury and elegance. It gives even the sportiest watch a formal look and feel.

platinum onyx diamond cufflinks

Other pieces of diamond jewelry men wear include bracelets and even cufflinks. A cufflink studded with diamonds adds sparkle and shine to any suit, taking it to another level of style and glamour.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Bling

Even if you don’t design a unique piece, the careful selection of a well-made, eye-catching diamond ring gives you a look of taste and luxury that cannot be matched. 

Showing sparkle and shine isn’t a bad thing, even for men. Don’t be afraid to rock some serious bling if that is what you like. We all have our own personal taste and if you love flashy designs, embrace it. 

Not all men like simple, understated jewelry. Some men want pieces that stand out and catch the eye. There are plenty of elegant, stunning choices for blinged-out diamond rings for men.

These rings use chunkier bands and can be fit with large, clear, or colored diamonds. You don’t have to limit yourself to clear diamonds. Diamonds come in a range of colors. The rarest is the yellow diamond. When paired with a chunky band, yellow diamonds enhance the masculine look of the jewelry and still add some bling and shine.

If you like sparkly and glamour, don’t shy away from it. Choose a bold and daring ring that is expressive enough for your personality. You have to own who you are and if you like flashy, bold pieces, rock them!

Be Creative

For men, choosing jewelry should allow you to express yourself. You want to choose pieces that reflect who you are and fit in well with your lifestyle. Diamond rings might not seem like they are for men, but they are.

A well-made, high-quality diamond ring will take a casual or formal look to another level. Choosing high-quality diamond jewelry shows others that you have discerning tastes and high standards. 

Jewelry is also a great way to make a statement. A unique diamond ring makes a great piece for a signature look. You should be creative in choosing diamond rings. They give you the ability to set yourself apart from the proverbial crowd. The ring you choose might show that you are flirty or fun-loving. It might also show that you are serious and deep.

Be creative when selecting jewelry and don’t be afraid to commission a custom piece. Doing so ensures that you will get a truly one-of-a-kind piece that is perfectly suited to your style and personality.

Even if you don’t design a unique piece, the careful selection of a well-made, eye-catching diamond ring gives you a look of taste and luxury that cannot be matched. 

Don’t Limit Yourself

As we mentioned earlier, diamonds aren’t just for rings. Men wear lots of different types of jewelry. Commonly, men wear timepieces, bracelets, cufflinks, and other pieces. All of these pieces look great when studded with high-quality diamonds.

rolex diamond datejust

You can choose a number of different pieces to encompass your signature look. A ring paired with a sparkly, diamond-encrusted timepiece is a great way to create an elegant, signature look.

Diamond-studded cufflinks or a simple bracelet with a few diamonds can also be included in a signature look. Stylish, bold pieces for special occasions is not limited to women either. You can choose a unique, stunning piece that is you only wear on special occasions. It is a sad misconception that jewelry is meant for women and that men cannot use jewelry to express their personality and style.

Diamond jewelry is for everyone. Both men and women alike. It is a great way to show off your style, class, status, and personality. Diamonds allow you to take a simple business or formal look to a sophisticated and stylish new level. This jewelry lets you show off your style and sense of fashion and gives you a great opportunity to show off your taste. 

In Closing

It is a mistake to think that diamonds are only for women. While the adage is well-known, diamonds are for everyone. Diamond jewelry looks great on men or women, young or old. 


Too many men limit their jewelry purchase to simple pieces made from precious metals. This puts unnecessary limits on men’s style. Diamonds look amazing on everyone. Carefully selected diamond jewelry is an excellent way to take even a simple business look to another level.


Diamond rings make great signature pieces of diamond jewelry for men. Wedding rings is what most of us think of as a “man’s ring”. This is a great way to display a bit of glitz and glamour. Men’s rings tend to be chunkier than women’s rings. A wedding band with a few high-quality, brilliant diamonds takes a simple wedding band to a high-class piece of jewelry.


Men need not limit themselves to just a wedding ring. Signet rings studded with diamonds also make great signature pieces. Signet rings are larger rings, worn on any finger, that have flat, rounded tops. The top of the ring has either a design of diamonds or an engraving.


Men can wear far more than just rings studded with diamonds. It is important to mention that there are many other types of jewelry for men that feature diamonds. Don’t limit yourself to just a diamond ring. Consider other pieces such as timepieces or cufflinks too.

Your Face to the World

Think of these pieces as a way to express who you are and your place in society. Our appearance is what people see before they ever hear us speak. Presenting an elegant, stylish front makes a  great first impression and will make you known for your style and grace. Elegant jewelry, carefully selected, show that you take care of your appearance and care about the face you present to the world.



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