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Vintage Day-Date by Rolex

A timepiece such as a vintage Day-Date by Rolex is a really great way to show off your personal style. Rolex watches from any time period are going to look great. This watch brand is synonymous with luxury and any timepiece from the brand, whether old or new, is a real prize to have. In…
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A Trip to Boca Raton’s Aquatic Wonderland

Summer is closer than you think, and mid-year is around the corner. This means that the time to go on a short break or take a vacation is upon us. The working class around the world probably wrote places to visit in their diaries already. Some of them may be making preparations to make their…
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Rolex Sky-Dweller’s Appeal to Luxury Watch Collectors and Enthusiasts

The beauty of being a watch lover is that you get to explore all types of watches. Cheers to brands like Rolex, there is an unending collection to dive into. You have the opportunity to study unique pieces like the Submariners and Day-Dates. The Rolex Sky-dweller is also another of Rolex’s bands that may be difficult for you…
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Rolex Pre-owned Day Date 18948

Rolex Pre-Owned Day Date 18948 

The Rolex Day-Date 18948 is a luxury wristwatch that is part of the iconic Day-Date collection. The day date first appeared in 1956 and has since become a classic timepiece. It is famous for its design and beauty. And one of the special models of this famous collection is the Rolex Day Date 18948.  The Day-Date…
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Rolex Day-Date with Mother-of-Pearl Dial

When we wear a watch such as a mother-of-pearl Day-Date by Rolex, we are telling the world a lot about ourselves. These are more than just a way to stay punctual and always be on time. They are works of art that we can wear on our wrists. All Rolex watches are something special. This…
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What You Should Know About Gold-Filled Hoop Earrings

Everyone who loves to design knows how much a single piece of jewelry can transform a look. You could decide to use earrings, bracelets, or hand bands as accessories. As long as you choose the right ones, you should prepare to witness a drastic change to your outfit. We cannot overemphasize the power of gold-filled…
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Emerald-Cut Half Eternity Band Ring

Asking someone to marry you and presenting her with a stunning ring such as an emerald-cut diamond ring with a half eternity band, is the perfect way to pop the question. But, really, for many of us, this is oversimplifying what we are going through. Popping the big question is, well, a big deal. You…
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Square Halo Radiant Cut Engagement Ring 

Did you know that most engagement rings feature a diamond as the center stone? Well, if you didn’t know, now, you do. And if you’re planning to propose soon, you’re in the right place. You should join the group of people using diamonds to appreciate their partners. We know you want to choose the perfect ring. So,…
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Oval brilliant 1 carat Platinum Engagement Ring 

You’ve been with your significant other for years. You’re both in love more than ever before and practically do everything as one. And as expected, there are a few hurdles but nothing serious enough to cause a dent in your plans for the future. You both know what this means: it’s time to start looking…
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Exploring the parts and features of Boca Raton’s upcoming Aquarium

Exploring The Parts and Features of Boca Raton’s Upcoming Aquarium

Your feelings are valid if you are happy about the new Boca Raton’s Upcoming Aquarium. It’s a much-awaited addition to the city, and it’s bound to be a great experience for everyone, young and old alike.  This aquarium promises to be an incredible attraction because of many reasons. And one of the major reasons is…
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Carat D-VVS1 Oval Cut Diamond Pave Set

If you want an engagement ring that will leave a lasting impression, you are in the right place. A Carat D-VVS1 Oval cut diamond pave set engagement ring may be just what you need. This piece of jewelry features a rare and valuable diamond that will take your breath away. The Carat D-VVS1 Oval cut…
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halo and pavé

Oval Diamond Halo and Pavé Engagement Ring

Oval diamond engagement rings, over the years, gained a lot of popularity. The oval shape makes the diamond appear larger, while its brilliance and fire make it an exquisite choice for an engagement ring. What about adding some extra sparkle? The halo and pavé setting can do just that. Furthermore, by combining these two settings…
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The Black-Tied Piaget Emperador Wristwatch

For the discerning gentleman who desires a watch both stylish and functional, Black-Tied Piaget Emperador Wristwatch is an excellent choice. This luxury timepiece features a sleek design, crafted with the highest attention to detail and quality. And Piaget designed it to make a statement with its bold, yet understated, aesthetic. The Black-Tied Piaget Emperador Wristwatch epitomizes luxury,…
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2,000-Gallon Saltwater Aquarium Now at Our Sister Store

At both of our stores in Boca Raton, we strive to be far more than just a jewelry store which is why we offer perks such as a variety of saltwater aquariums and the ability to charge your electric car while you check our latest selections. It is because we really appreciate each and every…
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Vintage Elegance: The Marquise Diamond Pear-Shaped Ring

The marquise diamond pear-shaped ring is a unique and elegant piece of jewelry that has stood the test of time. The marquise diamond pear-shaped ring showcases a marquise cut diamond shaped like a football paired with a pear-shaped diamond. So, resembling a teardrop, creating a stunning and unique design. Together, these two shapes create a…
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