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Your bridesmaids have made it through multiple bridal showers, tying tiny bows on hundreds and favors, six wedding dress shopping sessions and the worst of your bridezilla moments, all with a smile on their face.  With your big day approaching, it’s time a find the perfect gifts that thanks these special ladies for their friendship and the work they have done to make your wedding magical.

Complete her wedding day look

The bride might be the one showing off a massive diamond, but the bridesmaids need a bit of wedding day sparkle as well.  Choose an elegant piece of jewelry to complement her dress, but ensure it’s also something that will carry over to her everyday wardrobe. A personalized piece, such as a monogram necklace or a bracelet with an initial charm, is a special touch. A pearl necklace and stud earrings are also a traditional and timeless choice.

Cherish the memories

She’s not just standing beside you on your wedding day, she’s been there for the big events and quiet moments for years. Remind her what a wonderful friend she has been with an upscale photo frame, filled with a favorite photo of the two of you together. Or, select an album or digital frame and fill it with your favorite photos from your friendship. Be sure to leave space for a few wedding photos and the memories you will make together in the future.

Pamper her

Wedding planning, with its hectic schedule and stretched budget, can be stressful for the entire wedding party. Spoil your leading ladies with a spa night at home just before the wedding. Schedule massage, nail and skincare professionals to come to you. To really recreate the relaxing spa vibe, gift the ladies plush robes to cuddle up in and encourage them to re-wear them while dressing on the wedding day. After a pampering spa night, everyone will be too relaxed to drive home, so turn it into a slumber party and provide silk pajamas for everyone, complete with embroidered monograms. At the end of the affair, send everyone home with a gift basket of spa-inspired goodies, such as decadent lotions, body scrubs, facial masks and loofahs.

Entertain her

During the blur of wedding activities, your dedicated bridesmaids will spend hours helping out with all sorts of tasks.  As you near the finish line, be sure they have a little time to indulge in something fun and entertaining. Give them tickets to a concert, a night at the theater or to see their favorite sports team. Better yet, make it a girl’s night a join them for the fun. Too often, ladies worry that they will lose their friend to the new adventure of marriage. Some time together, with wedding talk off limits, may be just want everyone needs to strengthen relationships.

Recognize her passion

Whether you have a wedding party of two or twelve, each of your bridesmaids is a unique individual. There’s no reason bridesmaid gifts need to be one-size-fits-all. Instead, give each of your lovely ladies something that speaks to her interests. Give your fashion-loving pal that designer bag she’s had her eye on, enroll your foodie friend in a wine of the month club. Whatever their hobbies or passions, give them something special that personalized to their tastes.

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