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Wedding Ring Trends For Men

Brides can’t have all the fun when it comes to wedding rings. For too long, grooms have been left with plain metal bands while the ladies donned big bling. No more. Now that the bride’s finger is decorated, it’s time to turn the attention to his band. Today’s grooms are embracing gorgeous rings of all sorts. After all, he will be wearing his ring for a lifetime; it should reflect his personality and sense of style. In your search for the perfect wedding band, consider these of-the-moment trends.

Titanium mens wedding band

Industrial metals: There are plenty of options beyond the usual yellow or white gold. Many grooms are seeking out hardwearing industrial metals, such a stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. These tough materials don’t bend as much as their gold counterparts, so they won’t loose their shape over the years. Plus, industrial metals have a rugged look that many men prefer. Industrial metals are also less expensive, meaning there is money leftover for a bigger rock for her.

Titanium Fine Brushed Texture 7mm Gents Wedding Band Ring

Dark-hued rings:  While white metals have ruled for several years, black wedding rings are popping up as one of the hottest trends in men’s bands. Made from inexpensive materials, such as tungsten, titanium or even ceramic, this trends slips easily into stretched wedding budgets. Plus, black wedding bands have a modern, contemporary vibe while remaining neutral enough for everyday wear.

Benchmark Wood Inlay Wedding Ring

Inlaid rings: For an eye-catching option, look for rings with a high-contrast inlay. Featuring a wide stripe of an exotic material down the center of the band, these rings look best with silver-hued metals, such as white gold or platinum. While materials such as meteorite or deer antlers are unique choices, wood inlays are the most popular. Woods with heavy grain or knotting, such as burl or rosewood, are the most interesting, though Hawaiian Koa wood is prized for it’s tropical origins.

14K Two Tone Gold Rope Design Mens Wedding Band

Two-tone rings: Why choose just one hue when you can have two? Rather than selecting just platinum, yellow gold, or a dark material, pair them in a two-tone ring that has double the personality. Beyond the traditional ring materials, two-tone rings often feature more obscure choices, such as copper or rose gold. For a touch of pizzazz and a jolt of color, pair a traditional metal with carbon fiber in blue, green or gray.

Benchmark White Gold Channel Set Diamond Wedding Band

Diamond and gem rings: Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but the guys love them too. Stone-laden rings do require a bit more care than care than solid metal bands, so men that work with their hands may find them a bit fussy. For a look that is masculine, yet splashy, look for a ring featuring a row of channel-set diamonds. It you prefer a touch of color, rather than the sparkle of diamonds, consider sapphires or rubies.

Benchmark White Gold Arrow Design Mens Wedding Band

Personalized rings: The symbol of love that gets a permanent spot on your hand should be as unique as your relationship. While simple engravings have long had a place on the interior surfaces of rings, many couples are bringing personal touches into the spotlight. Fingerprints, longitude and latitude of meaningful places, and voice wave patterns of a spouse saying “I love you” are meaningful options.

Benchmark Comfort Fit Mens Wedding Band

Comfort-fit bands: For those that prize comfort, bands that are domed on both the interior and exterior are often easier to wear. The shape allows the ring to slip easily over the knuckles, so you won’t be standing at the alter trying to force it on. The curved shape also means that it won’t pinch the skin, no matter how long you wear it.

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