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Sweet Group Bridesmaid Gift to Bride Ideas

Sweet Group Bridesmaid Gift to Bride Ideas

We’ve talked lots about bridesmaids gifts here on the RLJ blog, but mostly we’re discussing cute bridesmaids gifts from the bride – today we’re flipping the switch. Look away, RLJ brides, it’s time for some one-on-one time with your bridesmaids! Being a bridesmaid is a huge honor, and sometimes also a huge financial commitment. Between purchasing an engagement party gift, gift(s) for shower(s), helping the maid of honor foot the bill for one of those showers, the bachelorette party, and purchasing your attire – not to mention accessories, jewelry hair, makeup, etc….costs add up. One way to ease the financial burden is to chip in with the other bridesmaids for a fantastic group gift. Depending on how many of you there are, and depending on everyone’s budgets, this is a wonderful way to give the bride something really special – maybe something at the tippity top of her dream registry list. Or maybe something she didn’t register for that she’ll treasure forever. It’s a sweet idea that the bride will love, and your wallet just might thank you for.

All of her linens on her registry – This is a very traditional group gift, and one that is a more demure way of wishing the couple “martial bliss” (as opposed to lingerie – save it for the bachelorette, please.) Typically the entire set will be costly, and it can be frustrating to only receive the pillow cases to set 1, sheets to set 2, a duvet and a dust ruffle. With all the bridesmaids pooling their cash, you can split the entire bedding ensemble and let her sleep easy post-honeymoon.

A handbag with her new monogram – This gift can be easily customized to the overall gift budget. If there are 10 of you and everyone agrees to spend $150, you can splurge on a designer handbag like a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull or a Goyard St. Louis. If that sounds like an insane amount of money to you, or there are fewer bridesmaids you can split the cost of a gorgeous, fun bag from a company like GiGi NYC. You can also give her a bag that will do everything like this Leni Penn tote, and fill it with Honeymoon essentials.

Her Grail Registry Item – Maybe your girl is all about a Dyson. Perhaps it’s a Vitamix. It might even be the ubiquitous (for good reason) Kitchenaid stand mixer. Regardless of the item, it’s likely the thing that Bloomie’s/Macy’s/Target told her she must register for, and she did on a pipe dream – never expecting any guest to splurge for something so generous. She’ll be delighted to open it up from her loving bridesmaids.

Year of Dates – This is an awesome group gift because it’s so easily tailored to individual budgets. Have each bridesmaid chip in ideas for date nights (inexpensive or free), gift cards for date nights (movie tickets, chain restaurants, groupons, etc.), bottles of wine, gourmet olive oil, etc., for meals at home – maybe even a cookbook. The options are endless! MOH can arrange them all into a cute presentation that the bride will adore – and thank her bridesmaids for all year long as a newlywed.



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