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Epic Idea: Co-Ed Bridal Party Asking Ideas

Epic Idea: Co-Ed Bridal Party Asking Ideas

Our ever popularĀ 5 Creative Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids got us thinking. Isn’t the best way to ask your girls in person? We think yes. We swoon for every luncheon, girls night, and brunch bridesmaid ask we see. It’s a fabulous way to honor the ladies who you love and to throw a party for them because let’s face it – the next year’s social calendar revolves around celebrating your nuptials. So it’s a fantastic idea to share the love and spoil them and celebrate their awesomeness. But what about the poor groomsmen? You might have amazing notions of cute cards to order from Etsy and send to his guys, but he might feel…weird about that. (Men). So why not ease the anxiety about showing his bros emotion and help him out? After all, from your wedding day forward it’s the two of you united anyway! So a co-ed bridal party ask might just be the most epic wedding idea ever.

Invite everyone over for a casual barbecue or pizza night. Make it clear that this is a strictly non-wedding social event (yes, white lie) so they don’t feel like they need to bring you a gift a-la shower or engagement party. You can tailor the party to your budget and time frame, making it as elaborate or casual as you’d like, but the focus is, of course, on asking your best friends and family to stand beside you. It’s the perfect way to introduce everyone to each other so that when they see each other at the engagement party, rehearsal, etc., they’ll already know one another. Sidebar – if a large portion of your bridal party is single, you might want to-ahem-caution them on the dangers of awkward post hook up photoshoots. Because things could get uncomfortable between bridesmaid #3 and groomsman #2 if they’re trying with all their might to put distance between themselves while your meticulously chosen photographer is urging the entire bridal party “closer!!!!!!”

But let’s operate on the assumption all your best friends can behave like grownups, and let’s go ahead and celebrate their wonderful friendship with a majorly awesome bridal party ask barbecue.

Fill a galvanized tin bucket with ice, and slap these custom beer labels on your guys’ favorite craft beer(s) for a fantastic surprise when they go to crack a cold one.

Of course, the ladies will need their own special brewski treatment, and nothing beats another collectible coozie. of course, one that helps them remember a treasured moment always has bonus points, and an adorable pattern to boot has us sold.

And if your ladies prefer bubbles to hops, you can order these gorgeous tumblers. Perfect for them to sip mimosas from on the big day without smudging lipstick or chancing a spill.

The ways to ask your ladies are myriad (and well documented on both this blog and the internet at large.) So we feel like some extra attention must be paid to the groomsmen. Allow us to entertain a few ideas:

This poem is a funny twist on the sweet/sappy bridesmaids poems we ladies love to use when asking our girls. For some reason it’s so endearing and funny to see this dude version – especially on the adorable tux-style stationery.

Well, let’s hope he has more say than this. But either way, this is hilarious.

And finally, a gentlemanly, super cute way for your love to ask his best buds to stand by his side while he marries the love of his life.


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