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Luxury Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Luxury Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Let’s make one thing clear: regardless of how you feel about modern weddings, traditions, and the Pinterest-induced urge to spend more Money-with-a-capital-M, your bridesmaids deserve a gift. Pop quiz: if you shelled out cold hard cash for not one, not two, but at least three major celebrations in honor of your dear friend, if you dedicated hours (if not days) to helping her with a huge project, if you kept mum about your own personal life or struggles so as not to stress her out further in addition to a major life event, or hell if you even put up with a momentary lapse in sanity, accompanied by some slight selfishness, you’d appreciate at least a thank you, right? Right. And while a hand-written, heartfelt and appreciative thank you note would be all you’d ever ask for, how great would it be if it also came with a majorly pleasant surprise? Said surprise will rock your maids’ socks off no matter what your budget is, trust us. But if you have the means and the inclination to go the extra mile, why not spoil your girls? They’ve spent the better part of the last year (or more) doting on you, it’s time to pay it forward. These luxury bridesmaids gift ideas are fun and current, but classic. If you can save up (or splurge) and surprise your ladies without blowing your wedding budget or going into debt (never, ever ever a good idea), they’ll be delighted by these ideas.

Hunter Boots

On the modest end of luxury, Hunter wellies sell for about $140 a pop. You can also frequently find them at department stores’ end of season sales at a discount (and earn store rewards if you have a store credit card.) They look adorable in photos if given in your wedding colors, but our preference is to give your girls a pair that fits their style or personality, so they’ll love them even more. Every woman needs these in her closet, they’re fantastic year-round and every time she stomps through a puddle or dons them for a muddy outdoor concert, she’ll think of the amazing friend who gave them to her!

Hermes Scarves

Another classic, these beautiful pieces of fashion-art are an unforgettable bridesmaid gift. They are pricey, so best suited for a smaller bridal party or those with more budget flexibility. A great option is to purchase pre owned or vintage Hermes scarves from a trusted seller (to guarantee authenticity and quality). Again, these are gorgeous in your wedding palette, but even better when personally matched with each bridesmaid’s preferences.

Hermes Bangles

An even budget-friendlier option is to switch to Hermes bangles. They’re colorful, fun and still classic, but slightly easier to find online. They’re also slightly less expensive, but still offer oodles of different colors and styles to suit each woman’s taste.

Vintage Lucite Purses

Ok, this idea is ripped straight from this amazing Bridesmaids Ask party, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome. This bride scoured the web for vintage lucite clutches for each bridesmaid. She then set her (amazing) table with said clutches and slipped in our favorite Rifle Paper bridesmaid request card. Love!


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