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Learn All About Blanda Eggenschwiler's New Jewelry Line

Learn All About Blanda Eggenschwiler's New Jewelry Line

You might know Blanda Eggenschwiler as Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers’ girlfriend, but did you know that she’s also an artist? This 28-year-old has recently begun designing her own jewelry and, rumor has it, she’ll soon be launching her very first jewelry line.

Aside from her relationship with Joe Jonas, you may also recognize Blanda as a previous Armani model. In fact, she was the face of the company for awhile, but she recently decided to trade in her modeling career for an art career; she’s making a go at it with her new jewelry line, which will reportedly be called “Knot.” She already has some experience in graphics and illustration, which are skills that will surely transfer over well to her niche in the jewelry industry. Blanda comes up with her very own designs and turns them into a reality. She specialty, she says, is 3D design.

You can see Blanda’s love for 3D design reflected in her own work, such as a trendy stack ring that adorned her finger in a recent photo taken at New York Fashion Week. Despite her bright red manicure, it was the ring that really drew the camera’s attention.

So far, Blanda Eggenschwiler has remained relatively quiet about what other designs she has in the works when it comes to her jewelry. It has not even yet been announced when the jewelry line, Knot, will first make its debut or what the prices will be like. It is certain that fans of the Jonas Brothers will likely be all over this jewelry, buying it left and right in a show of support for the band. However, it will be interesting to see what the prices on her jewelry are like. Will the prices be affordable for young girls who idolize both the Jonas Brothers and Blanda herself? Or will the prices be more on the steep side? Only time will tell, but let us hope that they are affordable.

Aside from price, it will also be interesting to see what kinds of materials Blanda decides to use in her jewelry designs the most. Currently, she has stated that she prefers to use silvers and bronzes, as can be evidenced in the work she has done already and the pieces she has modeled as a “sneak peek.” If this is the case, then it is speculated that her jewelry prices should be reasonable. However, if she chooses to use more expensive metal in her jewelry, such as golds, then there is a good chance prices will end up being significantly higher.

Will Blanda’s career as a jewelry designer take off or will she return to modeling? Only time will tell. In the meantime, fans of the Jonas Brothers will just have to keep waiting to see when the announcement for Knot’s release will come out and what other tricks Blanda has up her sleeve. In the meantime, let’s continue to adore the beautiful rings she has already shown us. If these are any indication of her future designs, the world of jewelry and fashion is certainly in for a nice treat and some refreshing designs.


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