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A. Jaffe Engagement Rings You Need to See to Believe

A. Jaffe Engagement Rings You Need to See to Believe

A. Jaffe engagement rings

A. Jaffe engagement rings never fail to put us in a New York state of mind.

The A. Jaffe legacy revolves around rings inspired by the Big Apple. These stunning engagement rings each represent a different era of New York history, from its very beginnings as the greatest city to its Metropolitan status now.

A. Jaffe engagement rings exhibit classic American design, spare details executed perfectly, and – so appropriate for a NYC inspired engagement ring designer – the rings are all about architecture.

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In 1892, an enterprising 26-year-old New Yorker named Abraham Jaffe launched himself a little diamond business on Maiden Lane. As business boomed, he decided to move his eponymous company to West 47th street, successfully becoming a pioneer of the most famous Diamond District in the world.

Customers came from all over to get their left hands on these beautiful rings, designed simply and expertly with a combination of modern engineering and Old World craftsmanship. A. Jaffe designs are different, not only because of their artistic design, but because of their structural elements. Especially the shanks. The patented, signature shank is the ultimate in comfort, with a subtly squared base. These corners help balance the ring and prevent spinning, so it remains centered on the finger at all times.

Additionally, every A. Jaffe ring has an intense quality checkpoint list:

  • The signature squared shank on every A. Jaffe ring must be smooth and perfectly symmetrical, with its widened base and soft corners preventing the ring from moving. No matter how enthusiastically you show it off.
  • Allergic to nickel? These rings are guaranteed to be nickel free. In fact, the alloy is superior in other ways too. It must be created with 40% more palladium than the industry standard to ensure it’s not only hypoallergenic, but that it will remain bright white longer than other metals that need rhodium more frequently.
  • Every setting is burnished, for metal that’s less porous, denser, and heavier – and, of course, less susceptible to chemical wear and tear.
  • Every prong is hand crafted to ensure a lifetime of security for every diamond on an A. Jaffe ring – not just the center stone.
  • Every prong, even those minute micropave prongs, is checked and smoothed so that the setting will blend perfectly into your lifestyle, no snags allowed.
  • Each ring is created by a master jeweler, but triple checked by others, all of whom have generations of knowledge passed onto them for combined decades of expertise.
  • Every diamond must pass the tests of A. Jaffe’s diamond experts. They are specifically trained to choose the best, most perfectly matched diamonds for all-over consistent color, clarity, and shine.
  • Every ring must undergo those six stages of polishing to guarantee the brightest, most dazzling final result.

After a minimum of two weeks spent on the creation of every single ring, it can seem like a long time dedicated to just one setting. But for designs built to last a lifetime – and very likely more – A. Jaffe as a brand believes it’s time well spent.

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A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

First, let’s all pause to admire this fabulous emerald cut halo. We love an emerald cut center stone paired with the glitter of a round brilliant diamond halo! This mix takes an even more unique turn with its clean, classic band in white metal, rather than a diamond-studded shank. This setting comes in 14 karat and 18 karat gold (white, yellow and rose) plus the platinum option.

A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

Here, we show off a trio of pink-gold-accented A. Jaffe engagement rings! The top ring, available here, features .74 carats of perfect round brilliant accent diamonds arranged in a double halo. The diamond-studded shanks are a unique design, doubled up and just barely convex to create a softer look that perfectly complements the generous round double halo. The middle ring is a cut cornered beauty just begging for a radiant cut center diamond, and like the top ring it also uses a double shank to great effect. This time though, A. Jaffe kept them perfectly parallel to match the clean lines of the center halos. On the bottom, this unique little number still features that same inner halo made of rose gold, but check out the outer halo. It twists directly into the gently curved shanks, for a seamless look that’s unlike any other halo you’ve seen before. This beauty features .45 carats total of round brilliant accent diamonds and looks fabulous with a cushion cut, princess cut, or round diamond center.

A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

Time to show off everyone’s fave shape du jour, the soft square halo! Here’s the A. Jaffe take on it: set round brilliants in a shared prong style bordered by crisp platinum lines that update the channel set look. Repeat on all three exposed side of every single angle of the ring to add a whopping .75 carats to the setting alone. Finish with an elegant scroll in the gallery and your own patented Quilted shanks so the ring is as comfy as it is gorgeous. Bow to applause.

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A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

One last beauty before we wrap up this chapter on A. Jaffe engagement rings. We adore this twisted shank solitaire engagement ring. The intertwined ribbons of diamonds twist closer together than the other styles we carry from neighboring designers, so it’s a different look. We love the diamond pavé that adds .26 carats to this setting, and the soft prongs perfectly embrace the center diamond of your choice.

Are you ready to elope to NYC City Hall with A. Jaffe engagement rings? No need, you can feel like you’re smack in the middle of 5th Avenue with a quick trip to our showroom (if you’re local) or our A. Jaffe engagement rings Pinterest board (if you’re in a long distance relationship with us.)


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