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A. Jaffe Engagement rings now at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Now that Diamonds by Raymond Lee is live online, we’re eager to chat more about our premium designer brands. And while we’re excited to debut even more gorgeous rings at our SHINE grand opening on February 25th, we’re already giddy to show off the beautiful engagement rings we’ve already got on hand.

Beautiful rose gold solitaire engagement ring from A Jaffe

A. Jaffe engagement rings joined the Raymond Lee Jewelers family in early 2015. This stunning brand is an elegant addition to our premium selection of engagement rings, and as soon as the doors swing open at DRL, we’re moving each and every gorgeous A. Jaffe engagement ring to that location.

A. Jaffe engagement rings have stood for breathtaking quality and beauty since 1892. It started in Manhattan, where it remains, as a testament to handmade American craftsmanship. While A. Jaffe rings hold diamonds you’ll swoon over, they stand out with the engineering of their settings.

A Jaffe Cushion cut diamond engagement ring

A. Jaffe rings all share the signature squaring of the setting at its base. This makes it more comfortable to wear forever, and stops it from spinning on your finger. An A. Jaffe ring can take up to 80 hours to create, in order to perfect the details.

A Jaffe Engagement ring with a soft square base so it's more comfortable and WON'T SPIN!

A. Jaffe also stands out for its stringent materials standards. Their gold is 100% nickel free (a huge plus for brides with allergies!) and the 18 karat alloys are made with 40% more palladium, so they’ll stay bright white, even in between rhodium plating.

They’re also one of our brands (among several!) that offer totally free customization – for example if you love this ring:

Split shank halo engagement ring from A Jaffe

But really have your heart set on a pear shape, A. Jaffe can customize the setting to accommodate the perfect pear shape for you at no extra cost. They like to stand out, and appreciate any bride who wants the same thing from her engagement ring.

The brand’s design studio also has a 10 point quality control checklist that ensures that everything – every little last detail – of your A. Jaffe ring is perfect. That means prongs that won’t snag the most delicate fabric, diamonds that stay secure, burnished metal that is less porous and therefore more durable, and 6 stages of polishing for maximum shininess.

A Jaffe Gorgeous unique halo engagement ring

A. Jaffe is a brand we’re proud to partner with at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, and we’re honored to be the best source for this fantastic designer, and the ultimate destination for A. Jaffe engagement rings.

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