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27 Karat Gold? Jack Daniels No. 27 Gold Shines

27 Karat Gold? Jack Daniels No. 27 Gold Shines

Tennessee whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s has announced the launch of their latest series of whiskeys, the Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold. The launch took place in Hong Kong, new home of the company after its 2013 sale, where Mast Distiller and Senior Vice President Jeff Arnett and Managing Director John Hayes both met to commemorate the occasion. The distinction of this line of liquors is its rich golden color, its deep maple flavor, notes of honey and oak, and of course the Jack Daniel’s name .

Whiskey is certainly a drink that is best served with a touch of class and this new drink is certainly swanky. The Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold is a treat for whiskey lovers of all skill set and is also a perfect drink to introduce to someone that may think they do not like whiskey. This whiskey is aged in American Oak barrels before being transferred to maple barrels. After the maple permeates the whiskey, the natural amber hue begins to develop. This whiskey also has hints of vanilla, chocolate, and honey to give a very sweet and sumptuous taste to the whiskey.

The flavor profile of this whiskey is unique and very daring for the whiskey giant. With notes of vanilla, chocolate, honey, maple, oak, and malt, this whiskey is certainly complex. Though it may be best appreciated by the experienced whiskey drinker, it is also a great starter drink for those looking to branch out and taste whiskey for the first time. Though some traditionalist may still prefer the old style whiskey that Jack Daniel’s is known for, others will be happy to know that this whiskey has some of the traditional flavor notes but with a bit extra thrown in.

 Not only is the whiskey itself limited edition and super fancy, the bottling is also to die for. Presented in a gold foil covered box with a stunning gold label and clear bottle to show off the amber color, this whiskey is certainly a show stopper.

Most people that want to buy the whiskey will be waiting for quite some time to get their bottle (while No. 27 Gold has been released to the Asian markets, US and Europe will get to sample the liquor at a later date. Jack Daniel’s has certainly out done themselves with this new launch. In some ways, the new launch is a way of saying that even though the brand has moved from Tennessee where it started to Hong Kong, it still has the pride and distinction that is common with the brand. Though the takeover did move head quarters across the globe, the tradition and spirit of Jack Daniel’s remains and can be clearly seen through the launch of Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold whiskey.


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