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There’s nothing like rose gold to add a touch of warmth and romance to any engagement ring setting. We love the pretty, rich tones of this gold alloy when paired with crisp white gold. And we love it even more when the two come together in our Verragio engagement rings.

Verragio engagement rings are all designed with one purpose: to reflect the same beauty as the women who wear them. That’s why every single one of Verragio’s signature lines share design elements that render them feminine, romantic, and undeniably curvaceous.

There are no hard edges when it comes to Verragio engagement rings – even the clean, sharp lines of a fabulous princess cut diamond soften against the backdrop of elegant scrollwork, rounded shanks, and glittering diamond galleries.

And while Verragio’s famous profiles draw admiration from brides all over the world, each collection has a distinct style of profile. What unites every collection is Verragio’s signature Lumino setting.

The Verragio setting style is known as the Lumino Setting, and it stands out in jewelry design thanks to its beautiful form and flawless function. The Lumino appears to suspend the center stone in mid-air, unobstructed by metal. This allows more light to interact with all of the diamond’s facets. It also creates a uniquely delicate look for the entire ring, with minimal metal and plenty of open air space to let the design elements gently enhance the diamond – never overshadow it. In addition to falling back and letting the diamond take center stage, the Lumino setting is unobtrusive on the hand. It’s airy and light, never domineering.

With different collections competing for the hearts of every Verragio girl, here’s a quick refresher on the differences between Verragio collections:

  • Parisian – 4 rose gold bands surround the ring’s shanks.
  • Insignia – The Verragio logo is nestled into the ring’s crown, with two diamond pave scrolls leading to that diamond-accented “V”.
  • Couture – extra emphasis on the ring’s outer details, so the rest of the ring is kept simple. The ring’s interior is lined with large French beading that culminates with a diamond accented tapered resting point.
  • Classic – shared prong diamond shoulders and micro-French beading on the ring’s inner face. Just beneath the crown the ring displays a mini version of the Insignia’s trademark scrolls and just the accent diamond, rather than the diamond-studded “V”
  • Paradiso – The interior features diamond-accented scrolls that prevent spinning on the finger and add windows of light from every angle.
  • Venetian – The ring’s inner face features lace scrollwork surrounded by French beading all the way around. The ring’s resting point is marked by a tapered diamond accent.

And while every Verragio ring can be crafted entirely in rose gold, we want to highlight a few of our two-tone favorites today!

Verragio engagement rings

This lace shank solitaire from the Couture collection is elegant romance at its best. .25ctw of round brilliant accent diamonds line the interlaced shanks with rose gold beading on the ring’s inner face.

Verragio engagement rings

This amazing double halo from the Insignia collection wows with its coordinating lace shank wedding band. The ring features .55ctw of round brilliant accent diamonds arranged in both halos and the twisted lace shanks, plus that lovely gallery detail. We’re obsessed with this pairing!

Verragio engagement rings

This beautiful three stone princess cut setting is part of the Couture line, and we love the diamond studded rose gold inner ring on the setting’s profile. These diamonds, plus the accent princess cuts and the additional round brilliants on the shanks add .75ctw to the setting.

Verragio engagement rings

This halo is one of our all time favorites. The airy, open gallery is made entirely of rose gold and features loops of diamonds that add half a carat of bling to this setting.

Verragio engagement rings

Finally, we need to spend some time with this beautiful split shank solitaire from the Insignia collection. Its .40ctw of round brilliant diamonds create the perfect backdrop for the center diamond of your choice, and the rose gold adds even more interest to the side view. Perfect.

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