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Used Rolex Watches – Quality and Cost

Used Rolex Watches – Quality and Cost

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Did you ever wonder why some people are obsessed with the Rolex brand? It’s because an authentic Rolex watch is known for its aesthetics, durability, value, and strength. Even if you were to buy a vintage used Rolex watch, it will likely attract as much attention as a new model because a Rolex watch never gets old; instead, it becomes a classic masterpiece that everyone would want to own.

Here are some of the defining features of a Rolex watch, which continues to inspire a generation of collectors:

Built for a Purpose

Unlike many other luxury brands, Rolex is not only built to attract but they are purposely built for specific reasons. For instance, the well-known GMT Master was built for Pan-Am pilots who wanted to tackle jet lag during long flights. Accordingly, pilots were offered two time zones on GMT dial. Similarly, Mariner is another legendary brand of used Rolex that is adored by swimmers and divers all around the world.

Initially, watches such as GMT Master and Mariner were built for a certain audience but these models became an instant hit among the general public due to the quality attached to a used Rolex Boca Raton brand. In fact, the world-famous Milgauss is another perfect example of the public infatuation with these customized watches. The watch was designed for workers to withstand the electromagnetic environment, but it became a household name as people were interested in buying a watch that could withstand 1000 gauss. In fact, Rolex was not about the cost but the value it offered.

Intrinsic Details

Another major reason why Rolex demands a celebrity status is the intricate detail of dials, bezels, crown guards, and other features. You will notice that every Rolex is mechanically different from the other giving its owner bragging rights to showcase the individual quality of a watch. A used Rolex watch with an underline dial, an exclamation dial or a Bart Simpson dial can often fetch thousands of dollars just because of a single feature and the tiniest of details.


When buying a pre-owned Rolex, you will certainly come across many unique designs that are often reflective of the personality of the owner. The uniqueness comes from the ability of the watch owners to add and remove accessories easily without going to a professional watchmaker. As Rolex is easy to accessorize, you can easily remove the bracelet and replace it with a NATO strap or the super-cool Italian leather strap giving the watch a classic new look. The latest trends also include adding the hand-stitched Italian distressed leather. 

It will not be an overstatement to suggest that Rolex watch was made for accessorizing because many authorized dealers would happily change the original bracelet with another bracelet of choice. The tradition continues to this day, which is unlike most other watchmakers. In fact, some of the highest value Rolex watches are watches that are redesigned by their owners giving them a unique look not found elsewhere in the market. 

Price-Value Proposition

Both the vintage and newer models of Rolex continue to hold their intrinsic values, which means you don’t have to buy a 60 years old Rolex if you’re looking to invest in these watches. Sports models such as Daytona, Explorer, and Submariner continue to increase in value faster than many of the classic Rolex models. People like to associate themselves with these wearable investments because every Rolex models reflect prestige regardless of its age. 

While some of the dressier Rolex watches may not appreciate in value as the models mentioned above, there are certainly exceptions to this rule. The stainless-steel Day-Date is an example of a dressier Rolex, which often demands several hundred thousand dollars from collectors. Other fine examples include Paul Newman’s stainless steel models that often end up in auction houses.


No one should doubt the durability and toughness of the Rolex watch. A watch like Rolex Explorer is just among many other models of Rolex that can withstand large variations in weather. Often used by mountaineers and adventure-seekers, the special lubricated movements in these watches are nothing short of legendary. An Oyster Perpetual chronometer watch accompanied Sir Edmond Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing to the top of Mount Everest on their memorable summit. The watch is still in perfect working condition, and it’s showcased at Beyer Watch and Clock Museum in Zurich.

To appreciate the true value and the quality craftsmanship of Rolex watches, it’s important to understand the elements that define this brand. It is also interesting to note that Rolex mostly produces all its elements in-house, which ensures the world-class quality the watch is known for. Here is a brief overview of the main materials you’re likely to find in a Rolex watch:

In-House Metals

To achieve the corrosion resistance and the polished quality of precious stones, Rolex has traditionally used Oystersteel in some of its models. This is a part of the 904L family of steel, which is a low-carbon variety of stainless steel manufactured by Rolex designers. It also includes additives of nickel, chromium, copper, and molybdenum to make the case and the dial more resistant to a number of outside environmental factors.

Another feature is the 18K EverRose Gold, which is yet another trademark of Rolex made by adding copper and silver to achieve the unique coloration. Similarly, Yellow and White 18K Gold are similar esoteric materials made in-house. The Yellow Gold 18K has an iconic hue; whereas, the While Gold 18K is known to radiate light. You may also come across Platinium in some of the models. The 950 Platinium is an exclusive metal that uses ruthenium for strength and shine.

Rare Metals

The designers also use rare metals in Rolex models. For instance, Rolesor is a material that is made by combining the Oystersteel and Gold in two-tone models. Another such trademark is Cerachrom. The ceramic has become a standard for Bezel inserts in the new Rolex sports watch because Cerachrom is known for its scratchless qualities and it is thought to be impervious to UV rays. 

In the newer models, you will also see the trademark Superluminova or Chromalight for luminescence. These elements make the watch glow blue or green in the dark enabling clear visibility in low light conditions. Besides, mounted precious stones and diamond make Rolex amongst the most prized possessions that anyone can own. 

When buying a used Rolex, remember the brand is never about the cost. In fact, it’s about the value because Rolex is everything that a watch needs. It is designed to last a lifetime of its owner and offers perfection and precision beyond any ordinary watch. It was the first watch to introduce strict chronometer certifications, which was followed by the first water-resistant and the first automatic winding mechanism. When you buy Rolex, you’re not buying just another high-worth watch. Instead, you’re buying a legacy that is a name of quality, precision, and strength.


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