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Used Rolex Models to Buy in 2020

Used Rolex Models to Buy in 2020

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Pay a Bit More Means Years of Function

One such item not to scrimp on is a wristwatch, a Rolex to be exact. Now, many people in the market for a watch may disregard any notion to buy a Rolex simply because of the price. However, if you want your watch to always give you the exact time and run for years into the future the Rolex brand may be the brand for you. There is more to a trusted watch brand then the price. There is more to a Rolex than the ability to show off the brand everyone only dreams of wearing.

Early Rolex Beginnings

Switzerland is known for its percise, accurate, and long-living watch-making industry. Although Rolex got its start in London, England its home base moved to Geneva, Switzerland after WWI. Used Rolex started out as a trusted name in timepieces, has gained much popularity throughout the ages and into the 21st Century. Rolex remains the top timepiece in today’s watch industry because to date the Rolex brand remains to hold the record for the most certified chronometer movements then in any other wristwatch on the market today. 

Rolex Gives Consumers Choices

There are so many Rolex watches on the marketplace today which one do you buy that serves your lifestyle? What you need to be wary of are look-alike Rolex watches, the imposters. You need to buy from a trusted source and do not ever think that you will be able to buy a real Rolex if you go underground because this will never happen. And never think that there are different price levels and you could get your used Rolex brand at a cheaper price as all models and styles are priced with little to no difference. 

There are different types of Rolex watches to choose from depending on your lifestyle such as the classics, the professionals, the hobbyist, and the career type. 
Back in the 1950s, used Rolex devised a watch made for pilots. Taking a good look at your lifestyle is the best way to purchase your Rolex watch. The following are ten of the top-rated Rolex watches in today’s market.

The Rolex Day-Date

The Day-Date Rolex is all gold and flashy. This is a very classy watch that never seems to lose its standing in fashion, at home, on a date, at work, and at play. This classy watch and for any occasion. This watch made its first appearance in the later 1950s and won the attraction of the public because this watch could present both the day and date. This watch presents the day in writing above the 12:00 position. There are some notable persons who have owned, worn, and loved the used Rolex Day-Date timepiece such as President Nixon and President Ford. The Rolex Day-Date currently measures 36mm and is water-resistant to 100mm. The power reserve is at least 70-hours. 

The GMT Master II

You are a traveler, you want a good watch that never fails to tell you the time in whatever time zone you are in or passing through. The GMT Master II. The difference in this watch is the fact that it has an extra hand rotating around 24 hours. Travelers who frequently pass time zones need to know what the current time is in their current location and this watch fits that need. 

The Submariner

The top of the list of used Rolex watch brand is the Submariner. Even though this watch was launched back in the early 1950s, this watch remains at the top of the list for divers throughout the world. This water-proof watch withstands depths of up to 1,000 feet and meets the criteria of being a true diver’s watch. The Submariner meets specific criteria and standards as set bt ISO, such as this watch is not only waterproof it is resistive to damaging saltwater, magnetism, condensation and the changes in pressure and water temperatures that divers frequent. 

The Rolex Submariner’s bezel alerts the diver on how long they have been underwater. The bezel, made from Cerachrom makes it corrosion-resistive. This watch sets in a 40mm case with a crown that is a screw-down winding crown. The diver can see magnified data at three o’clock. This watch has an automatic 3136 caliber movement and 48 hours of power reserve. 

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Who would ever think that the professional racecar driver needs a special timepiece? The Daytona is considered in racing to be the motorsport timepiece. The Daytona first can on the racing scene in the early 1960s and is a preferred timepiece for racecar drivers throughout the globe because it displays an accurate reading to one-eights of a second. This watch as two dials that correctly display hours and minutes elapsed. The bezel on the Daytona subs as a tachymeter to time any object the driver wishes to time by giving the driver the car’s average speed in miles per hour. This watch is water-resistant with a power reserve of at least 72 hours. 

The Rolex Datejust(originally known in the mid-1940s as the Oyster)

This Rolex seems to be the go-to watch for the everyday person. This watch is the one most people buy and it fits so many lifestyles. The Dateline is available in different sizes, with differing straps, and choice of bezels, colors, materials, and decoration of diamonds. The materials available include steel yellow or white gold. Available colors include pink, black, blue, gold, white, and silver. You can make your choice of two bracelet designs and two bezels. This watch is an all-occasion watch that fits well into any occasion and lifestyle. 

Along with the name change came some updates to this Rolex version. The mid-1950s saw the manufacturer change the internal mechanism so that at midnight the date changed instantly. Additionally, the Cyclops was added. This added lenses magnified the date. This watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, is self-winding with automatic movement, and has a power reserve of up to 70 hours. 

The Rolex Cellini Moonphase

If you are a person who embraces collecting only the best watches on the market, then you will no doubt want to buy the Moonphase. This watch has a classic look with an 18 ct rose gold and white dial inside a 39mm case. This watch totes a 3295 caliber movement that is guaranteed to give accurate readings for over 120 years, and then perhaps it may need some adjustment.

There is a full moon on the face that is made from a real meteorite. This watch cannot do a lot of the things that other used Rolex watches can do, however, this watch is very elegant and shows your taste in sophistication. 

The Rolex Air-King

This Rolex watch is for those who love flying. This watch is simplistic, a classic Rolex, yet stands out from the rest. This watch has a 40mm case. The bezel is black domed, the three, six, and nine numerals are oversized. The smaller minute numerals can be used for navigational readings. The bracelet is of oyster. There is a 48-hour power reserve and this timepiece is water-resistant to 100mm. 

The Rolex Yacht-Mater II

This watch is made for those who embrace the sea, such as a sailor or yachtsmen. This watch is known for its ability to countdown and has a mechanical memory with instantaneous synchronization. 

This timepiece is much larger then the other Rolex watches with a size of 44mm. It is water resistive up depths of 100mm with a power reserve of at least 72-hours. This watch is great to wear in boat races due to its ability to countdown, time, and follow the official starting of a race. The mechanism is mechanically linked to its internal settings. 

The Rolex Explorer

The 39mm is the Explorer model and the style is similar to the original Rolex, hosting a black dial with large numerals in a highly durable oyster case. These watches can track multiple time zones and designed to withstand extreme environments. 

The Rolex Explorer II

This watch is available in two steel sports watch models, the 42mm and the 39mm. The 42mm is the Explorer II is also similar to the original used Rolex. This watch is only a few mm larger in diameter and has an added GMT-function to track multiple time zones. 


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