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Pretty in Pink – Rolex for Your Feminine Side

Pretty in Pink – Rolex for Your Feminine Side

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Because who doesn’t love pink, what better way to show your devotion to the cause than to rock a pink or rose gold used Rolex watch? With the world watching and certain to be out and about after months of careful quarantine, the scene now shifts to a most worthwhile cause: LOVING THE COLOR PINK. Given the importance of this cause, we feel it necessary to review their best five pink and rose gold watches that accentuate, show off and place these colors front and center as we observe this most worthy cause.

Everose Gold

In the year 2005, the world was introduced to Everose, a unique pink and gold 18-karat watch that combines a small amount of platinum, pure gold and copper, creating a rose gold alloy that will always retain its warm red color. The platinum serves to lock in the natural pink tint of the copper, allowing the original color of the metal to shine through.

The Everose initially debuted in the line of Daytona watches, coming as a fresh reimagination of the classic premium sport chronograph. Previous chronographs were made in solid gold for many decades, but yellow gold was mainly used. The Everose brought with it a modern twist on a classic and iconic design.

Yachtmaster 116655 Full Review

The Yachtmaster is a new timepiece offered in a 40mm rose gold case. It features a black dial and is accented with trademark Everose gold. This watch incorporates just about every innovative idea that Rolex has ever come up with into once timeless, breathtaking and amazing watch.

At the outset is the extremely durable ceramic black “Cherachrom” bezel insert that is highly resistant to corrosion. Cherachrom is extremely hard and scratch-resistant, nor does it fade with exposure to the sun. This watch also features the patented used Rolex “Triplock” crown that screws down, locking to the case just as a submarine hatch does. The incorporation of the classic Everose gold brings forth a perfect shade of pink gold that features a hue that is strikes the perfect balance between being too feminine and too masculine.

Daytona Rose Gold

The Daytona has, for over fifty years, held the attention of watch aficionados worldwide. This chronograph debuted in the year 1955, which features a tachometer scale within the dial as well as a telemeter scale (used to measure distances) inside of it. This watch was then superseded by the 6238 model, which featured baton-style hands, faceted hour markers and did away with the telemeter. This watch is often referred to as the “pre-Daytona” by collectors.

In the year 1963, used Rolex introduced their initial Cosmograph model which was known as thet 6239. It was not meant to be a replacement for the prior model and has become known as “the grandfather” of the watch that has endeared itself to us. The tachometer is engraved into the bezel and is only available in black with a silver sub-dial, or vice versa.

It is a little known fact that the watch was not named Daytona until 1965. Of course, the name is derived from the American speedway in Florida that hosts the Daytona 500 annually. It had been named the Le Mans prior to 1965 and the word Daytona did not appear on the dial until the 6241 model made its debut.

The Rainbow Daytona In Everose Gold

The Rainbow Daytona was initially released in the year 2012. At that time, it was released in yellow and white gold in extremely limited quantities. From there, it reached cult status and skyrocketed from there, basically tripling in value. The watch’s unofficial name has become known as “Rainbow Daytona”, although used Rolex refers to it officially as the used Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. The watch itself is considered a precious metal chronograph with a diamond- and sapphire-set case.

The Rainbow Daytona is made from Everose, which is a uniquely created pink gold alloy paired with dial made from black lacquer. It features a pink gold crystal sub-dial and a bezel with thirty-six sapphires in a baguette setting. There are also fifty six which adorn the case and lugs and indexes made from colored sapphire. The watch is waterproof up to 330 feet (100 meters) and derives its power from the caliber 4130, which is automatic.

This watch is a classic through and through. It is a traditional Daytona tool watch but is highly decorated with hand-cut and hand-set sapphires that have been sourced from exclusive suppliers.

1967 Day-Date Ref. 1803

This Day-Date comes completely in pink, starting from the bracelet down to the case and dial. When it comes to classic used Rolexwatches, there are more than enough options to appease even the pickiest collector. Diving directly into the deepest end of the pool you can select the 1967 Day date, which offers a rare pink-on-pink hue. The dial, hands and case each are crafted in the softest shade of salmon-pink, a color unique unto its own and one that is just about impossible to find in a modern day watch. This watch features intricate details, right down to the date and day disks which also have that pinkish hue, allowing them to blend right in. The polished and brushed surfaces show off the gold in stunning fashion. This watch awakens memories of the famous Patek Philippe watch that was famously sold for $1.5 million at auction at Phillips One.

No matter your taste, there is one thing everyone can agree upon: when paired with the stunning colors of pink and rose gold used Rolex watches look amazing. Whether your choice is an understated, classic look that is the staple – and envy of – the chronograph industry, or the flashy, in-your-face Daytona look, the truth is that your choices are limitless and without bounds. So this month, take part in pairing a wonderful color with a wonderful watch, and rock your favorite pink or rose gold used Rolexfrom Raymond Lee Jewelers.


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