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Why Having a Rolex Watch Will Improve Your Life

Why Having a Rolex Watch Will Improve Your Life

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Rolex watch ownership won’t turn someone automatically into a millionaire, but a “Rolex” can improve their life. The Swiss Rolex SA brand of high-end mechanical watches has been around in one form or another since 1905 when the company was initially Wilsdorf & Davis. As a result, used Rolex watches have been associated with fine taste and luxury for more than 100 years. Although the company has gone through several slight name changes, Rolex has constantly remained a trusted brand valued for its history of designs created by experienced craftsmen who care more about producing a superior and lasting timepiece than fleeting popular social trends.

Consider these top three benefits of owning a Rolex watch:

Rolex Is a Recognized Status Symbol

Rolex watches are often worn by the most wealthy and popular people in the world, including business leaders, royalty, politicians and celebrities. Rolex is the official timekeeper for Wimbledon, which is a partnership that has lasted for over forty years. It is often a sponsor at other professional sports venues, including equestrian, golf, high performance motor and sailing events. Since most used Rolex designs can withstand the elements, used Rolex watches are also commonly worn by adventurers, scientists and other explorers. For these reasons, the Rolex name, gold crown logo and iconic standard steel design are well known and established at a global level. Many people who have never even desired to own a mechanical watch or follow watch brands know the Rolex name and have some rough idea of the main features of all Rolex watches. People who aren’t Rolex owners also often give a Rolex as a gift during celebrations associated with milestones in life because they recognize that a Rolex represents power and prestige in the world. Whether someone wears a Rolex for a job interview or a night out on the town, anyone who sees the watch on their wrist is likely to believe that the wearer appreciates craftsmanship and possesses wealth or worked hard and deserves to own it. People who give Rolex watches as gifts typically also receive recognition. Given the expense, they’re seen as having good taste in jewelry and functional accessories or thought of as extra loving toward or proud of the gift recipient.

A Used Rolex Timepiece Keeps on Ticking

It might seem obvious that owning a used Rolex improves a person’s life by helping them to better manage their time. Yet, some people fail to realize that most Rolex designs through the decades, unlike most modern smartphones, laptops and tablets, are superior in this area since these watches won’t stop providing accurate time because of a low battery, broken screen or malware. Rolex SA builds each watch with high quality parts to precise specifications. Under normal wear and tear without damage or defects, an analog Rolex model that doesn’t have a battery guarantees accuracy during power outages and personal electronics failures. The test of time has proven that used Rolex watches are built to last: Consumers can often find vintage Rolex products that continue to tick along with windup without inaccuracy even today. Although these older models contain materials that scratch or fade easily, modern used Rolex designs are made with much more durable alternatives that rarely scratch or fade. They also feature sealed dust-proof and water-resistant cases. Unlike many other modern watch brands, Rolex watches can handle abuse and still continue to show time accurately, especially the sports varieties. Rolex SA has spent over a hundred years focused on making small improvements to the original standard designs to increase diversity and resiliency rather than repeatedly manufacturing and distributing ever-changing, inferior products. Since used Rolex has been around for so long, it’s also easier for owners to find inexpensive replacement parts and enjoy fast repairs when needed.

Rolex Is a Strong Long-Term Investment

Whether someone invests in Rolex SA stock or watches, they can’t go wrong given the company’s high reputation, steady performance and powerful historic marketplace position. A used Rolex watch specifically is a great investment because many models only depreciate slightly as they gain more value with age and popular demand. As with many non-jewelry products, Rolex designs most commonly increase in value as the result of low quantity production, limited distribution or rare details like bezel inserts and gemstones. Association with historic events and celebrities also make certain models more valuable than others. Yet, vintage traditional steel watches that represent the iconic used Rolex design are highly demanded on a regular basis. During economic instability and recessions, Rolex watches that feature gemstones and precious metals usually increase in value because of their tangible material value. People also buy and trade older models that have cosmetic damage at top dollar regularly. These collectors love imperfections like dull, scratched surfaces because the pieces look like they were part of well-lived lives. A vintage and worn used Rolex is evidence of truth behind the company’s promotional message that each Rolex represents important memories and possibly a history filled with adventure. The best part about owning one or more Rolex watches is that the owner can usually wear their investment like any other watch instead of keeping it inside of a safe or under glass because they can still get back at least the amount of the initial purchase price during resale at auction. Owners that can provide an original invoice, packaging, certificate and accessories typically sell their watches well above and beyond the original sales price.

Since Rolex watches aren’t cheaply made, they’re also not cheap when it comes to cost. That said, we have found that many people who aren’t independently wealthy can still afford a Rolex, sometimes effortlessly, depending on a variety of factors, such as the design they choose, the age of the piece and even the time of year they make the purchase. We offer a wide selection of new and used models. No matter a person’s individual taste or need, we sell used Rolex watches for every occasion. If a buyer has a tight budget, we can also recommend lower-priced vintage, discounted and other affordable options. Contact us today for more details or assistance with making the right watch choice to improve a life.


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