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How to Spot a Fake Used Rolex Watch

How to Spot a Fake Used Rolex Watch

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Imagine walking into your favorite jewelry store and seeing two virtually identical branded watches right next to each other. The only apparent difference which is barely noticeable is just a small tag on one of the watches written that the specific watch is counterfeited and sold by a third-party seller.

Such a scenario is not all that far from what is taking place in the current watch markets. With the rise of e-commerce retailers, the business market is flooded with lots of hard-to-regulate third-party sellers.

Counterfeit goods have continued to find their way into the online market through the internet, and the watch business is no exception. Therefore, whenever people are planning to buy a branded watch, especially the Rolex timepieces, they should be sure it is from a genuine seller who sells genuine Rolex watches.

This is because according to Forbes, Rolex watches are among the most treasured time brands in the whole world. The prestige, precision, and sophistication of these watches make them a symbol of success itself. It is no wonder; Rolex is being copied in so many ways.

Being able to identify fake or used Rolex watch is good, but even much better if one can know the ways by which they can protect themselves from such fraudulent deals. Some of the forging companies are manufacturing such replica watches in an ingenious way that makes it really hard to discern that it is a fake.

Some of these counterfeit designs are quite catchy and getting to discern whether they are genuine or not is might need a much keener eye. Coupled with the fact that the fake pieces of this brand might be presented with attractive prices to any cost-conscious individual. That said, here are five simple ways that one can use to detect a used Rolex watch.

1. Serial & Model Number Engravings

One of the surest ways to tell a genuine Rolex from a replica is referring to both the serial number and case numbers reference. A genuine Rolex timepiece has its serial and case numbers deep and perfectly marked. Solid marks are very fine that shines in a light angle.

Conversely, the serial and case numbers on the forged watches are typically faint and not very fine because of lower quality marking process. Additionally, used Rolex watches may have a little bit faded or scratched out engravings numbers on edges.

One more point worth noting is that replicas often use the same reference or serial numbers on multiple pieces. One should note that genuine Rolex timepieces have reference numbers corresponding each and every particular model and each one have its unique serial number. Like any other unique product from reputable organizations, Rolex products can also be identified using the unique identifiers.

2. Dial, Hands, & Finishing

Modern-day forged watches are becoming harder to recognize without a trained eye. When a counterfeit Rolex watch is manufactured, the dial is less perfect than the dial of an original. So, one should be looking at every single detail. Uneven fonts, smudges, inconsistent spaces or misspellings on the timepiece probably indicate a counterfeit produc

Less excellent details from the printing on the dial to the finishing of the markers can indicate a thing about a replica. A fake Rolex watch won’t be well executed like the genuine one. This explains why it is a must to carefully examine official photos of the Rolex watch one intends to purchase prior to the actual purchase. One may find that the bracelet clasps, hands and dials differ.

3. Pricing

Rolex watches are among the coveted luxury items across the world. So, consequently, there is a high number of fake or used Rolex timepieces in the retail shelves. Most of these counterfeit watches are manufactured in China, however, recent researches depict that production is spreading across the Asian countries and other countries too.

Typically, these forged watches retail very cheaply as compared to genuine Rolex watches, however, their quality is improving every year, thus makes it harder to distinguish the genuine Rolex from the counterfeited ones.

With that said, one should know that it is a fact that Rolex timepieces have never and can never come retailing cheaply. If you get one retailing at a low price like the one stated above, that should be a red flag for either a fake or a used Rolex watch.

4. Water Resistance

Rolex timepieces are built to be water-resistant, while fake versions will always fail to pass water pressure test and end up spoiled. Although, people are always not advised to use water test if they doubt the genuineness of the watch. This is because the water pressure test may ruin the watch, thus preventing you from returning it.

Additionally, a used Rolex watch is likely not to pass the water pressure test if even it’s a genuine one. Therefore, people are not advised to carry out the pressure water test on their own. It is better to seek a reputable professional to inspect it.

5. Weight of the watch

The fifth last way one can spot a fake used Rolex watch is checking on the heft of the watch. Forged Rolex watches are generally lighter compared to genuine Rolex watches. A genuine Rolex timepiece will always weigh more because they are entirely made from high-quality materials with no corner-cuts in their production process

On the other hand, a forged Rolex watch will be lighter and flimsy because of the cheaper construction and low-quality materials used to make it.

In addition to the five simple hints for identifying a fake or used Rolex watch, it’s also essential to keep in mind a few things such as the Rolex logo and Rolex engraving style in mind. This will ensure that one will always be in a position to spot counterfeited Rolex piece, thus buying authentic Rolex watches. Always finding value for their money.


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