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Tudor Black Bay Watches for Men and Women

Tudor Black Bay Watches for Men and Women

Have you considered the variety of dive watches both men and women can get today? The Tudor Black Bay is easily one of the best in that range.

The wristwatch creates a blend of a terrific vintage appearance, reputation, and exceptional finishing. And till date, this wristwatch has continued to add to its number of varieties.

It has always been available in only blue and red bezel editions. These two editions are awesome. But, a black bezel? That is certainly a show-stopper!

For one, the black version, since it was introduced, has enjoyed a universal acceptance. Eventually, Tudor has noticed the clamor of wristwatch enthusiasts for what is not the new Tudor Black Bay wristwatch. There is no stopping for this timepiece in style, quality, and functionality.

How do the Tudor Black Bay watches compare to their other wristwatch counterparts of the same brand?

How does the Tudor Black Bay watch also compare to other dive wristwatches from other popular brands?

Keep reading to find out.

The Tudor Black Bay Journey

To trace the heritage of Tudor Black Bay watches is no simple task.

First, the name of this watch was changed before it was re-introduced. Judging from how much it took from its predecessor, the Submariner, you might even know it better than that.

Again, tracing this watch’s history is a bit tricky is as it still manages to differentiate itself from its predecessor. The Black Bay dives away from its predecessor, the Submariner, to create a unique timepiece.

Rather, it is best to see the Black Bay as some kind of epic blend of Submariners. It combines the classic flair of features from different years.

However, we will still attempt to trace this wristwatch’s origin.

Beginning of Tudor Black Bay Journey

The Tudor Black Bay journey began in 2012 when it was initially introduced. The Black Bay wristwatch collection is the modern-day manifestation of Tudor’s classic Submariner watch.

The Black Bay heritage can be traced back to 1954. This year, Tudor launched the Reference 7922 Submariner. This launching marked the beginning of one of the most iconic wristwatch product lines ever known in 20th-century horology.

This product line quickly gained ground amongst various watch lovers. Tudor dive timepieces are a favorite for war heroes, recreational divers, and ordinary men and women.

Now, there are over a dozen varieties of the Black Bay collection. The varieties are differentiated into watches with various functions and origins.

  • Some come with top-quality choreography, and others with time-only functions.
  • Aside from those two variations, some pay tribute to iconic timepieces from the time past.
  • Others produce a new version from the old versions in entirely different ways.
  • Some even go back to the golden era of Tudor dive watches to reincarnate a forgotten model.

For Tudor Black Bay watches, it restores the reference 7922 Submariner that has once been forgotten.

The Tudor Black Bay Design: The Classic Blend

Black Bay watches bear a compelling and flawless bond to Tudor’s distinctive style orientation. This is why most of these watches display certain qualities. These qualities have always put a distinction between other watches and these sport watches.

Notable amongst these unique styles include:

·         The Snowflake Arrows

These arrows first emerged in 1969. They were used on the watches created for military use. The larger hour arrow and bigger luminous weight used on the seconds arrow make the watch clearer underwater.

·         The Oversized Crown

It was not until the 1960s that the Tudor Submariners began to use cases that have crown guards.

Black Bay wristwatches are different. For them, their inspiration for making cases is taken from the initial Submariners from the 1950s.

Submariners made in that era did not come with crown guards. They used to have oversized crowns instead. With these, you can easily adjust the wristwatch. The oversized crown enhances the water resistance level too.

In all, the oversized crown is a way Tudor enhances the watch’s aesthetic brilliance. Not just that, the crown improves the functionality of the watch as well. There is brilliance in the various tinted crown tubes used with most of the watch’s designs.

Categories of The Tudor Black Bay Watches

The present Black Bay collection can be categorized in three different ways.

  • The first category is the watches, also known as “The Modern Tools.”

These modern tools are the closest replicas of the Tudor Submariners made in the mid-20th century.

Wristwatches in this category have rotating dive bezels made in different colors. Again, they have a distinctive case profile that comes with beveled lugs. Finally, as you would expect, they have the legendary Snowflake arrows.

  • Then, we have the watches known as “The Game Changers.”

Wristwatches in this category reinforce that iconic structure. But, this time, with fresh materials and modern complications.

  • Lastly, there is the category of watches referred to as “The Pure Classics.”

These ones take the common Tudor features and use them to make simple time-only timepieces. You can rock these timepieces to any occasion.

For a better understanding of these categories, here are some more details.

“The Modern Tools”

The modern tools are the wristwatches that made the Black Bay collection the urban timepieces they are today. These wristwatches are replicas of the iconic dive watches from the oldies. They are also outstanding examples of the modern beet timepieces made in recent times.

“The Game Changers”

These wristwatches are a development of the solid Black Bay foundation. They reinvent the standard dive watches.

But, this time, in creative substances and with the input of complications such as the chronograph. This sets them apart from the rest. They are the daily companions you can’t do without

“The Pure Classics”

The pure classics are a confirmation that truly less is more. These watches focus on a three-hand layout. This style takes us far back to the early stages of the Black Bay heritage.

These weathercocks are perfect regardless of the setting they are in. With their variations in metals and sizes, you are sure to find one that fits you.

Tudor Black Bay: A Perfect Buy

Since Tudor Black Bay watches came into the scene in Basel world in 2012, their level of success has been incredible. These wristwatches will easily pass as one of the most accepted dive watches since the turn of the last decade.

These diver watches are incarnations of their vintage counterparts. It was bound to be a hit right from the start. The Black Bay watches placed Tudor back in the spectrum of luxury wristwatches.

Are you considering getting a Tudor Heritage Black Bay wristwatch? Check out the next three rousing reasons to know why you need to get one now!

1.    A Classic Throwback

The comeback of this classic timepiece began long before it was launched in 2012. As soon as the Tudor Black Bay was introduced, it was clear that this would be a bestseller.

The Tudor brand’s motive was simple. They simply dig deep into their archives for insight. Then, they incorporated their dominant heritage with contemporary technology and styles.

The Tudor Heritage Chrono made in 2010 was the beginning of a glorious streak of wins and progress. This particular watch took inspiration from the 1970s Oyster date Chronograph.

Building on its achievements, the brand went on to create more retro remakes. That way, they also brought back the NATO strap trend.

In 2012, Tudor launched the Tudor Heritage Black Bay wristwatch collection. This model was inspired by a classic watch as well. Contrary to what many people thought, this wristwatch did not remake an old wristwatch. Instead, it integrated the essence driving the Tudor brand with a vintage concept.

This wristwatch takes a lot of features from the classic Tudor Oyster Prince Submariners from the 70s. The first model of the Black Bay collection carried with it a few vintage features.

  • A larger dial.
  • The snowflake arrows/hands
  • The burgundy bezel,
  • The fabric strap

The Tudor Black Bay is not a total replica of an old wristwatch model. Instead, it is an attempt to utilize the nicest elements of their vintage dive watches. These elements are utilized on a completely fresh and modern timepiece.

This strategy used by the Tudor brand gave the Tudor Heritage Black Bay the widespread acceptance it enjoys today.

2.    Many Varieties Of Black Bay Watches

The Tudor Black Bay has shown why it is a first-class wristwatch since its launch in 2012. Since then, there have been several new varieties of the Tudor Black Bay watch collection.

It began with the lovely burgundy dial Black Bay wristwatch. Then, in 2014, we had the Black Bay Blue before the Black Bay Black was introduced in 2015.

Due to how rarely you find wristwatches made in this color, the burgundy bezel was one outstanding feature. So, if you want a bold wristwatch with an undertone of modesty, the black and blue bezels are what you need.

After the success of these three varieties, more variants with extra features came into the scene too. With these additions, it was only a matter of time before the Tudor Black Bay collection became a significant and enticing collection.

In all, with the Tudor Black Bay watches, there is a wristwatch for everyone. In just this one collection, there is a watch for both men and women, introverts and extroverts, etc. Let’s check out some of these varieties.

·         Black Bay Dark In 2016

This completely black timepiece comes with a PVD-coated bracelet and a matte case. The way it is a completely black wristwatch makes it fit for dives into dark and deep waters.

·         Black Bay Chrono In 2017

This dive watch takes inspiration for its movement from the Breitling’s B01 movement. It comes with an all-steel chronograph.

This blend of dive watch and chronograph adds to its inspiration from Breitling to produce a perfectly created timepiece.

·         Black Bay GMT in 2018

For Tudor as a brand, this was a bold step they took in 2018. This wristwatch does not take any inspiration from old references or models of its kind. This timepiece took inspiration from the classic GMT-Master Pepsi made by Rolex, a different brand.

·         Black Bay Fifty-Eight in 2018

This dive watch is a 39 mm-sized one. It follows the details of the actual Tudor Heritage Black Bay model closely. If you have a smaller wrist, you can try its smaller size (vs. 41mm Black Bays) instead.

3.    A Self-made Movement

The Tudor Black Bay collection has witnessed several innovations and developments. Yet, one notable one is the introduction of the brand’s first self-made movement. This movement is the MT56XX (the last two unknowns will be known based on the variant).

This movement came with several specs. They include:

  • 70-hour power reserve (vs. 38 hours)
  • Silicon hairspring
  • Highly durable
  • A similar design to Rolex’s brand calibers.
  • COSC-certified precision

This movement had its first introduction with Tudor’s North Flag model. And beginning with the Basel 2016, every Black Bay watch produced has come furnished with this movement.

The Black Bay Bronze is the first type of the Black Bay collection to come equipped with this in-house movement. Just as you would imagine, the bronze wristwatch was very successful upon its first release.

In the last few years, the Tudor Black Bay watches have perfectly exemplified the vintage-plus-modern timepiece made perfectly. Two perks to note here. First is how durable this wristwatch’s movement is. Then, its timeless and exquisite design.

When you consider these two, this timepiece is surely a perfect buy for your next wristwatch.


Saying that the Tudor Black Bay wristwatch is a success in the dive watch world is partly an understatement. In fact, the Tudor Black Bay watches are probably the most popular model to come out from the Tudor brand.

Based on all of these, it is only right for this brand to produce many versions of this one type. That has helped them reach as many wristwatch enthusiasts as they can.

So, regardless of your preference, there is a suitable Tudor Black Bay wristwatch for you.


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