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Piaget Black Tie Collection

Piaget Black Tie Collection

The delicate, slim, understated, but not underwhelming Piaget Black Tie Collection watches reflect their namesake. Of course, with many of these pieces going for forty grand and up, they’re probably a little more premium than even the nicest tie in your collection.

One of the nicest (and priciest) watches on display in the collection right now: the Piaget Gouverneur Watch. This 43 mm watch features chronograph, flyback, white gold, diamonds, and automatic self-winding. It’s a luxury car for your wrist. The Gouverneur line also includes a rose gold model for thirty six grand.

So that’s the kind of watch that the ruling class wear, but what if you’re royalty? Well then, you probably don’t want to settle for less than a Piaget Emperador. If the Gouverneur is a luxury car for your wrist, then the Piaget Emperador line are private jets for your wrist. The Piaget Emperador Cushion-shaped Watch runs a whopping eighty six thousand with perpetual calendar, rose gold and self-winding.

Short of a six figure custom made Swiss watch, Piaget is pretty much as classy as it gets. So what can you possibly add to a lineup of watches that cost more, and will last longer, than most luxury vehicles? Well, right now, Piaget is getting ready to debut some brand new vintage inspired watches in January 2015. If you keep up with Piaget, then you know that the watch has been a favorite of some of the biggest icons in style. Fans of the brand have included Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor.

Yves Piaget was a well known socialite in the world of fashion and style, so it wasn’t uncommon to see celebrities wearing his timeless timepieces. While some of us like to show off our fancy watches encrusted in diamonds with full calendars on their faces, it may not surprise you to learn that Andy Warhol’s favorite Piaget was a simple black afair with a numberless face. Clean and bold, much like many of the artist’s own designs.

If you want to see the new Piaget’s on display, get yourself to Geneva. The new watches will debut at the SIHH exhibit. The plane ticket may sound a bit steep just to look at some watches, but a first class round trip ticket will run you a fraction of what a brand new Piaget would.

With their understated cushioned leather straps, impeccable craftsmanship and expert design, the Piaget Black Tie watches are, without a doubt, some of the finest on the market. The tradition of giving watches at retirement parties may be long gone, but with one of these, you could retire!

Most of us will probably never have a spare fifty grand laying around to buy a Piaget Black Tie watch with, but we can always gawk at the pictures in fashion magazines and on websites and daydream about having a whole collection of them as soon as we make our first million. Failing that: become a famous artist like Andy Warhol and see if Piaget will give you one for free.


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