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A Look at the Pandora 2014 Winter Collection

A Look at the Pandora 2014 Winter Collection

Pandora fans have always known the brand to capture the essence of a given theme with delicate, creative and stunning designs. This Winter it’s all about the Milky Way, with items designed around the theme of the night sky. Those crystal clear nights where you can look upwards and see millions of stars, when the night sky seems to cut through the dark until it almost looks like daytime outside. It’s something about the cold and the position of the Earth, we don’t know, we’re not scientists, all we know is that few sights can compete with the night sky in November, and that Pandora have done an excellent job creating pieces that give tribute to that natural beauty.

The items on display combine blue and sparkling stones and silver to produce jewelry with the majesty of a NASA photograph. A unique design choice in this lineup features pearls encased in shimmering stones, like a bright sun at the center of a galaxy. If you’re worried that every piece in the collection is going to be prohibitively expensive, don’t worry. Pandora isn’t just a brand for movie stars and millionaires, there are also cubic zirconia pieces and sterling silver items for as low as thirty five dollars. Pandora isn’t one of the most expensive jewelry brands out there, it just looks the part.

The Cosmic Stars pieces may be the centerpiece of the collection. Step out into the night with these on and it will look as if the heavens have come down from the sky to grace the Earth, as light-catchin stones set in rings, stud earings and charms add dazzling charm to any warm Winter outfit. A pair of earrings or a nice bracelet will make you look like a star in the sky, a full set will make you a walking constellation.

Founded in 1982, Pandora have worked for more than three decades at the goal of creating charm bracelets, earrings, rings and more that serve not only to look great when paired with a favorite top, but to remind us of those precious moments in our lives.

With affordable pieces as well as upscale items, ranging from sterling silver to 18k gold, Pandora offers their wares in more than 1,200 branded stores around the world. Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece to build an ensemble (or heck, a whole wardrobe) around, or just the right set of earrings to match that fluffy dark sweater that you got to tough out the Winter in, Pandora’s new collection will have just the thing.

We could sit here and list our favorites from the collection, but you’re better off exploring the site at Pandora.net and seeing what strikes your fancy. In particular you may want to look at the charm chart, documenting charms for virtues like caring, creativity and intuition. The customized charm bracelets, two tone earrings, themed collections, and even NFL team charms for the sports fans out there all help to create a brand that is accessible and affordable without being anything less than spectacular.


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