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Truffles Sell For Three Times The Price of Gold

Truffles Sell For Three Times The Price of Gold

Who ever could have thought that Truffles could be worth so much money, well finally the scrumptious delights have become worth three times the price of gold thanks to a Chinese Writer. While it seems mind boggling that truffles could reach such a high value, the Writer purchased the truffles, eleven in total, for $367,620, a staggering sum. According to Luxuo.com, the Chinese writer bid by satellite telephone for the truffles and were able to purchase them for the huge price.

The auction itself was extremely extravagant, as every high class truffle auction should be. The festivities and sale took place at the Grinzane Cavour castle in Italy. This occasion most likely marks the first time truffles have been sold via satellite in a castle for such a high price, making the event extremely successful and profitable. While gold is much easier to wear on a wrist or around a neck this event places truffles on a new high pedestal that they have never been on before, making them the object of kings and queens.

The truffles sold to the Chinese writer were not the only big truffle sale of the day as another buyer purchased some truffles by an unnamed buyer according to Rawstory.com. The truffle sales not only skyrocketed past gold sales but went on to serve tons of valuable money towards cancer research. The event creators were extremely pleased with the results of the event as the expensive truffles were able to provide a wonderfully huge sum of money for a good cause and help to progress much needed research. While truffles and gold usually don’t come within the same sentence or subject, this is one of those beautiful moments where the sale of jewelry can step aside for a great cause that has raised a large sum of money.

Anonymous buyers to save the day should be the anthem of the event as both the big buyers of the truffles that were for sale were by people who chose not to reveal themselves. This marks the particular beauty of not seeking fame whilst making huge contributions. The event could have served as a great amount of publicity for the buyers but instead served only the purpose of raising awareness for the foundations donated to and also getting them large sums of money of which they greatly appreciated.

The price of gold will always remain on top of the price of truffles, but this event has demonstrated that in the world of luxury, certain items can rise to fame and shine better than others. Getting your hands on lavish items or expensive food is a luxury in itself but also can be, in the case of such charity events, very rewarding for other parties that contribute towards a good cause. While you should never have to spend nearly this much on some good truffles or gold, you can savor top of the line products for a smaller sum and take in on the celebration. The event serves as a reminder the luxury is good for the world and is a shining beacon of hope. Riches and lavishness does not have to be seen as a bad thing.


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