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Trendy Ways to Wear a Brooch

Trendy Ways to Wear a Brooch

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Unless you are Queen Elizabeth, brooches probably don’t make it into your outfits very often. Brooches are often overlooked fashion statements that can make an outfit pop, if you can figure out how to wear them well. While the royal lady simply sticks her brooches on her shoulder or chest, that often look somewhat random and doesn’t work with a wide variety of tops. But, with a little creativity there are plenty of other ways to make jeweled brooches work for you.

On a scarf: Scarves are all the rage right now, but they are traditionally a casual look and have a bad habit of obscuring necklaces. Dress up a plain wrap by securing it with a pretty brooch. Simply wrap your scarf or tie it as you normally would and pin the brooch to the juncture. Not only will it keep the wrap neatly in place, it will give a casual look some extra flair.

On a lapel: Dress up winter coats, blazers and suit jackets with a fashionable brooch on the lapel. Don’t think you have to stop at one; this is the perfect spot for a small collection of pins. If you are going for the look of multiples, stick to an odd number and keep them related by color or theme.

At the waist: Cloth or stain belts may define the waist of a dress well, but they can usually use a little something extra. Place a brooch either in the middle or to one side of the front of a belt to further define the waistline and add unexpected sparkle. A brooch can also give extra accent to the waist when placed at spots of ruching or gathering.

On a hat: Add some shine to a basic hat by attaching a pretty pin off center on the front. It’s the perfect compliment to bowler or fedora.  For an unexpected pop, try the look on a solid baseball cap, floppy straw hat or a warm beanie.

On your bodice:  In a slight shift from the traditional shoulder placement, place a brooch in the center of your bodice. On a strapless gown, or at the point of a V-neck, it will add interest to a solid top and accent your cleavage.

In your hair: Why invest in a hair clip that won’t get a lot of use when a brooch can do double duty? Use several bobby pins to secure a sparkly brooch into your hair. Try placing it over an ear to hold side swept bangs or nestle it in the folds of a tidy updo.

At the collar: Skip the necklace and opt for a brooch on a high-collared top. This option works well with buttoned tops closed all the way to the neck as well as Peter Pan collars.

Bonus tip:  Brooches can pull fabric and create holes. Avoid damaging your favorite tops by placing a small, clean makeup sponge inside the garment and running the pin though it. The hidden cushion will help distribute the weight and prevent heavy jewelry from tearing the fabric.


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