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How to Wear a Brooch in the 21st Century

How to Wear a Brooch in the 21st Century

If you think of brooches, you’re usually thinking early 1950s-1970s fashion—or even as far back as Victorian ages! Brooches are a staple of classic women’s fashion and jewelry. They can usually be worn on the clothing instead of a low-hanging necklace pendant, or as a pin to further enhance the outfit.

While brooches lost their popularity with the last generation, they’re making a comeback alongside vintage fashion. In fact, many vintage brooches are back in style alongside many jewelers and brands creating new products in this category.

Check out some of the interesting brooches on the market currently, and popular fashion trends incorporating these brooches tastefully and representing a new-age flair!

A brooch is a great way to keep a poncho or shawl closed at the neck! Adding some sparkle to your otherwise neutral colored winter attire is always fashionable!

The geek-chic look is playing around with brooch fashion! While this liberty-inspired brooch isn’t jewelry based, it’s a great example of the fun brooches on the market!

Traditionally, brooches have been worn to adorn solid dresses. Incorporating this function into today’s fashion, women are wearing brooches along the belt-line to snazz it up a bit!

Brides and bridal designers are even adding amazing brooch adornments to the wedding dress!

With so many options, brooches are a lovely way to accessorize an outfit. Even for women who aren’t fans of wearing jewelry, this is a very no-hassle, out-of-the-way accessory that will pull the focal point to a specific area of your outfit and really tie it together.


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