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Top 10 Celebrity Jewelry Designers

Top 10 Celebrity Jewelry Designers

Actresses, singers, and models spend their whole careers in some of the world’s most beautiful and expensive pieces of jewelry. From red carpets to runways, the world’s biggest designers scramble to adorn them; some even hire them as spokespeople. But some celebrities are more hands-on when it comes to the rings on their fingers and the stones in their ears. These ten women have the funds and the fame to wear anything they want, and they all tapped into that fashion experience to design jewelry lines of their very own.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is just as famous for her humanitarian work as she is for her acting, so it’s no surprise that her jewelry line is a charitable effort too. Every penny of the proceeds from Style of Jolie are used to help build Afghanistan schools. The line is so exclusive that you need an appointment just to see the designs in person! Angelina’s collaborator, jeweler Robert Procop, also worked with Brad Pitt to design her engagement ring; the diamonds were cut specifically to fit her finger.

2. Nicole Richie

Nicole’s jewelry line is a family affair; she named it after her daughter. House of Harlow 1960 channels vintage fashion from the 1960s and 1970s with a Bohemian twist. You know Nicole’s actually involved in the process, because she wears and models her own pieces! She has admitted to preferring “edgier” jewelry over diamonds; for one magazine’s editorial spread, she wore a giant, gold-plated ring with a purple leather sundial, explaining that it was inspired by the jewelry of Africa.

3. Jane Seymour

Whether or not you watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, you’ve definitely seen Jane Seymour on TV. Sixteen years after her hit show ended, she’s still appearing in commercials for her signature collection of heart-shaped pendants. From sterling silver to white gold — and diamonds to Swarovski crystals — you can find a necklace or bracelet in just about any style, and Jane famously designed the original symbol herself.

4. Ke$ha

Ke$ha is well known for her unique fashion choices and outlandish personality. If you like her style, there’s more where that came from; the singer collaborated with Charles Albert on her own jewelry line, Ke$ha Rose. She told Teen Vogue that the collection started when he helped her turn huge stones into statement pieces like knuckle rings — her favorite — and necklace pendants.

5. Kate Hudson

Kate started CH+KH with a jeweler friend when both of them were pregnant, in an effort to do something productive with all their downtime. You won’t find a more personal celebrity collection; its “centerpiece” is a gold and pearl seashell necklace with a lot of sentimental value for Kate. It resembles a choker that she received from her mother, Goldie Hawn, who wore it herself throughout her childhood.

6. Molly Sims

Molly’s long career as a model, actress, and TV host has taken her across the globe, and she gets many of her design ideas during her travels… like the earrings she created after a trip to Mexico. But Grayce is also close to home for her; its name is an homage to her mother, who emphasized two characteristics throughout Molly’s childhood: graceful and grateful. She has always strived to be both of those things — even when she felt less than beautiful or had little money — and a growing collection of jewelry from garage sales and thrift stores certainly helped. Now that she’s designing her own pieces, the Kentucky native incorporates exotic color schemes and creative materials that remind you: Hollywood royalty wasn’t always royal, and sometimes you can feel like a star just by adding one gorgeous ring or pair of earrings to your ensemble.

7. Kim Kardashian

Kim and her sisters lend their names and faces to sell clothes in department store, but Kim Kardashian’s jewelry collection for Virgins, Saints & Angels is on the higher end of the fashion spectrum. Her Armenian heritage is heavily represented in the bronze and silver pieces, which you can’t get unless you’re willing to fork over at least $150.

8. Heidi Klum

If a supermodel and Project Runway host doesn’t know fashion, then no one does. Wildlife, Heidi’s line for a home shopping service, incorporates tribal designs and bold colors into chunky statement pieces. Her signature watches incorporate colorful stripes of dyed silicone into gold and silver bands, and her drop necklace transforms with removable gold pieces, which resemble flattened stones.

9. Kate Bosworth

​The actress who played Lois Lane is a classic Hollywood beauty with an enchanting twist; she has one hazel eye and one blue eye. It’s a good parallel for her understated style, which will surprise you with touches of couture dazzle. Kate started JewelMint in 2010 with her stylist and close friend, and as the daughter of a retail executive, she’s very hands-on. It frustrated her to notice that when it came to price and quality, jewelry was usually on one side of the spectrum or another. She created the jewelry line, in part, to make it easier to build a collection of long-lasting, well-designed, and affordable pieces. If you want to emulate Kate’s style, try one of her brooches; she recommends adding them to collars, belts, and even shoes for an effortlessly eye-catching look.

10. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is one of the design world’s most unlikely moguls. Somehow, she has successfully segued from pop star to fashion mogul, and she even made a pit stop along the way to help launch the reality TV phenomenon. Jessica’s jewelry is as affordable as her clothes and shoes, incorporating a lot of faux gems and metals into costume pieces that are pretty enough to wear with your best dress.


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