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Top 10 Famous Jewelry Pieces

Top 10 Famous Jewelry Pieces

Brown Diamond Sunflower ring

1. Clearly the Hope Diamond ranks high on the top 10 list, not only because of its size as the world’s largest cut diamond but also because of a curse it carries. A number of previous owners of the large stone have met untimely deaths or tragedy without any connection except the fact that they all shared consecutive ownership of the jewelry piece. The 45.52 carat piece now sits in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

2. The Queen’s Diamonds represent the set of jewelry long associated with the Queen of England. Rarely worn in public, these heavy pieces of jewelry are world famous and represent the pride and royalty of an entire country.

3. In the category of unique, the Wallis Simpson panther bracelet is an entire work of art made in 1952 in the shape of a slim, reaching panther. Today, the piece is missing a few stones due to age, but that hasn’t reduced the demand for the piece. It last sold at auction for three times its original value.

4. Rubies don’t often get a lot of fanfare when compared against famous diamonds, but the Garrard Burmese Ruby stands on its own. This 40.63 carat stone is shaped and cut like a heart, and gleams in deep red when put in the light. It is backed up by a 155 carat necklace made of diamonds. And some have worn the piece as a tiara instead due to the width of the necklace.

5. Did you see Titanic? Then you will remember the Heart of the Ocean Diamond. You will likely swear the main stone is a sapphire. Yet the jewelry piece is actually a gigantic 15-carat blue diamond cut in the shape of a heart and surrounded by a trim of diamonds as well as connected to a diamond necklace.

6. Not everyone likes the color pink. Some think it’s even second-rate. However, when it comes to the Graff Pink diamond measuring almost 25 carats in size, it holds the title as the most expensive jewelry piece sold in private sale. The Graff Pink is technically a pink diamond, and it is cut in a rectangular fashion, but little else is known besides who has owned it in the past.

7.Some jewelry pieces are priceless due to the history that has attached to them. That’s the case with the sapphire ring once worn by Princess Diana. Immediately noticeable by the dark blue sapphire surrounded in oblong fashion by a ring of diamonds, it was the wedding ring of Diana. The same ring was given to Princess Kate when she married Diana’s oldest son, Prince Harry.

8. In the royal jewelry category the Queen Mary’s Diamond Riviere is another contender. Provided to England’s first woman ruler as a gift, the Diamond Riviere necklace is a combination of cut diamonds and gold settings that were actually worn by Queen Mary.

9. Vying for a necklace that someone lost their head wearing is not the wisest thing, but history does make strange stories for jewelry. That’s the case with Marie Antoinette Necklace, with a double strand of diamonds around the neck, it has a formidable strength to hold the front display that drapes down the neck and ends in a sizable pearl drop.

10. If green is the color to have, then the Chopard Diamond and Emerald Necklace may be the piece to desire. This ornate and intricate necklace piece shines with an offset pattern of diamonds and emeralds connected into a drooping neck frontal piece and held on with a thining band of emeralds and diamonds that go around the neck. It literally pronounces regal style when worn, so the Chopard definitely fits in any Top 10 list.


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