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Top 10 Stones Your Jewelry Wardrobe Needs

Top 10 Stones Your Jewelry Wardrobe Needs

No matter if your style is big and bold or simple and classic, every jewelry collection needs a variety of stones that mix and match for custom looks. From classic pearls to trendy onyx, here are the top ten stones every stylish jewelry wardrobe needs.

  1.  Diamonds: Diamonds are true classics and no jewelry wardrobe is complete without them. These sparklers are dubbed “a girl’s best friend” for a reason; they are a beautiful, go-anywhere stone that looks good on absolutely everyone. While other stones may rise and fall in popularity, diamonds are here to stay and they make the perfect stone to base the rest of your jewelry collection around because they mix and match beautifully with everything else. Consider adding a matched set of necklaces, earrings and bracelets to your collection so that you can amp up, or play down, the sparkle factor as needed.

#2 – Chocolate Diamonds: Though brown diamonds are available in many shades, ranging from champagne to cognac, the deepest of hues, known as chocolate diamonds are all the rage in fashion world. Happily, these stones, which carry much of the sparkle of white diamonds, are much less expensive that their more traditional sisters. The neutral color complements nearly every skin tone and works with practically every outfit from casual to formal. Taylor Swift recently paired a La Vian chocolate diamond ring with a white figure-hugging Ralph Lauren gown at the People’s Choice Awards.

#3 – Turquoise: This blue stone, usually containing brown or black veins is typically thought of as a casual gem. Though the stone, which has been rumored to have healing properties, works perfectly in Native American inspired pieces and as a companion to western wear, it can also be dressed up for a quirky punch with business or formal wear. Meagan Fox recently walked the red carpet wearing a double strand of the stones with a little black dress

#4 – Sapphires: The birthstone of September isn’t limited to just autumn babies. In fact, the radiant blue stone look flattering on anyone with a medium skin tone. Sapphires are their most dazzling when paired with diamonds and white gold and complement neutral and vibrantly colored clothing in red, magenta and yellow.

#5 – Pearls: These organic stones have long symbolized beauty and purity and they are the definition of classic elegance. With many colors available, there is a pearly option for everyone. Dark and olive skin tones are beautifully accented by white, golden and cream tones, while rosy hued pearls highlight fair skin. Single and double stranded necklaces are classic accessories that will stand the test of time.

#6 – Emeralds: These vibrant green stones are the perfect way to warm up winter wardrobes. Though they are at their most stunning against fair skin and red hair, emeralds complement virtually every skin tone and pair perfectly with gold metals. Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Sofia Vergara are just a few of the beauties to sport emeralds on the red carpet recently.

#7 – Citrine: November’s golden-yellow birthstone is thought to be both comforting and energizing. With hues ranging from lemony to deep gold, citrine is sometimes a look-alike to the also popular yellow diamond. Both stones are having a big moment in fashion right now with Kate Middleton often opting for citrine earrings to enhance casual wear and Singer Kelly Clarkson sporting a huge yellow diamond engagement ring.

#8 – Rubies: Red is the color of fire and passion, and with rubies ranging from rosy to vibrant red there is a hue for everyone to get fired up about. The bright red stones sparkle against cool skin tones Jessica Simpson sports a 5-carat Neil Lane ruby engagement ring.


#9 – Aquamarine: With shades ranging from icy blue to pale blue-green, aquamarine calls to mind images of calming waves and sunny days. Suitable for any skin tone, the cool, watery hue is perfect for adding vibrancy to greying hair.

#10 – Onyx: Stones don’t need to be sparkly to be luxurious. Black onyx adds a modern pop of drama to any outfit. Paired with diamonds and silver or white gold, onyx makes a statement. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing the sleek stone recently, including Katherine Hiegl who posed at a magazine bash wearing black onyx studs from Tacori.


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