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Digging for Gold in the Family Jewelry Box

Digging for Gold in the Family Jewelry Box

You have been having money problems. Sadly, your problems don’t derive from an embarrassment of riches though, and you’re scrambling to get enough money together for a frozen burrito and a 4-pack of toilet paper. You’ve moved through your DVD collection and were very disappointed by what the pawn shop guy offered to take them off your hands. As such, your couch has also been manhandled in search of any spare change that may have pooled beneath the cushions, and you are seriously considering ripping all the copper wire out of your walls for the scrape value.

Happily, before you made that first fateful swing of the sledgehammer against your bathroom wall however, you remembered that your grandma had left behind a box of jewelry when she passed away that has been sitting in the back of your closet since the funeral. While your memory of her jewelry collection is populated by images of fake, costume jewelry, you seem to recall that there were some genuine pieces that you might be able to sell to gold buyers in Boca Raton in an effort to recoup your financial losses.

Scrap Prices vs. Artistic Prices

There are any numbers of approaches that can help you unload your unwanted jewelry in Boca Raton, Florida, and all sensible approaches lead to the front door of Raymond Lee Jewelers. They have been trusted jewelry brokers for more than three decades now, and Central Floridians trust their knowledgeable staff whether they are looking to sell gold in Boca, or are looking to pick up a designer Cartier watch.

Typically speaking, when you bring your gold items into a jeweler for selling, you will be awarded the scrape price for the precious metal. If you suspect that your piece had intrinsic value beyond the mere weight of the gold however, you should have it appraised to arrive at a more fulsome idea of the true value of the item. When you’re short on money, you don’t want to leave any money on the table when it comes time to dispose of your excess, unwanted pieces of jewelry, so explore all your available options that are on the table to come up with the cash you need.

The Appraisal Process

A finely wrought piece of jewelry has intrinsic value that transcends the value of the weight of the piece, and a reputable appraiser can tell you exactly what the value is with a professional appraisal. At Raymond Lee Jewelers they have certified gemologists on staff who can appraise your pieces, so you will know exactly how much your fine jewelry pieces are worth. As such, rather than risk getting screwed over on everything that you have coming to you, you need to seek out an expert opinion regarding its value.

A Reputable Partner in Gold Buying

Raymond Lee Jewelers buys all types of gold in Boca Raton, Florida from simple wedding bands to designer gold jewelry like bangles, rings, necklaces, earrings, charms, and more. Whether the piece has been inlaid with diamonds, or other precious stones, or is a simple unadorned piece of jewelry, you can rest assured that we are paying you the top price available in Boca Raton for your excess fine jewelry. We accept gold in any condition whether it is in perfect condition, broken, outdated, or the latest fashion that is being flouted at the clubs. The process is easy. Just bring in your unwanted gold and our buyers will weigh the metal before assessing other pertinent information that might affect the value like ascetics, age, and the name brand of the item.

With 30-years of operation under our belt, this family-owned and operated business places the utmost importance on integrity and true customer service. We understand that selling gold in Boca Raton, Florida can be a stressful and confusing proposition, and that is why we are the perfect partner in your efforts to sell your unwanted or broken gold jewelry.

We know the gold market, and we know how to evaluate your gold jewelry to arrive at a fair price to get you out of your economic doldrums. We understand that there are plenty of gold buyers out there for you to do business with, and we want to make sure that you understand the gold selling process regardless of who you choose to patronize when it comes time to sell your precious gold and memories.

Now is the time covert that unwanted jewelry into the cash you need to buy the things you want whether it is a frozen burrito or a 4-pack of toilet paper. When it comes time to scramble for the cash you need, you need to grab your old, unwanted, or broken jewelry and scramble down to the doors of Raymond Lee Jewelers to get the very top dollar for all your old jewelry.

First rate gold dealers operate in a transparent environment, and are free with their information when it comes to arriving at a fair price for all your jewelry. Take the mystery and uncertainty out of selling your unwanted jewelry from gold to diamonds to designer watches at Raymond Lee Jewelers. Stop by, get an appraisal, and make an informed decision about where you want to sell your gold in Boca Raton.

Call the Experts at Raymond Lee Jewelry in Boca Raton, Florida

When it comes time to sell your unwanted jewelry in Boca Raton, you need to migrate to the experts at Raymond Lee Jewelers to get the absolute top dollar for your collection. Our spacious, clean, well lit 3,200-foot facility, located in the heart of downtown Boca Raton, Florida, has been serving satisfied customers since 1983. As such, put down that sledgehammer, grab your jewelry and car keys, and head down to get the best possible price on grandma’s collection. We will treat you fairly and honestly.

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