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The Top 2 Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings

The Top 2 Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings

popular diamond cuts

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about the top 2 diamond cuts for engagement rings, including features, history, setting styles, sample costs for the diamond, and examples of both diamond cuts set in new engagement rings from 2019.

popular diamond cuts

Are you looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring?

Not sure which diamond shape and cut is best for you or your loved one?

Do you know the difference between diamond shapes and cuts?

Don’t let the process of engagement ring shopping overwhelm you. We have you covered.

When shopping for an engagement ring, one of the first things you will need to decide on is the shape of the diamond and the diamond cut. This article is going to tell you all about the 2 most popular diamond shapes and cuts for engagement rings and how much they cost.

After reading, you will be able to make a confident and informed decision on your diamond engagement ring purchase.

Before we get into it, let’s discuss the difference between diamond cuts and diamond shapes.

Difference Between Diamond Shape and Diamond Cut

Diamond shape is the basic form of the diamond – round, square, oval, heart, etc. Diamond cut is the technical aspect of the shape, like the number of facets, symmetry, proportioning and polish. The cut of a diamond is extremely important as it can tremendously affect a diamond’s brilliance, fire and scintillation – essentially meaning how well the diamond shines and reflects light. If a diamond is cut poorly, it will be much less stunning and (it should be) much less valuable.

Both the shape and cut of a diamond will affect its price, brilliance, appearance, style and setting of your engagement ring. This is why diamond shape and cut is the first and most crucial decision when buying an engagement ring.

Step 1: Choose the diamond shape that you want.

Step 2: Determine the cut (this is a little bit harder of a process).

Thankfully, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the 2 most popular diamond cuts, so you can go in and out of the jewelry store headache free and content with your purchase.

2 Most Popular Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

The two most popular diamond cuts are the Round Brilliant Diamond and the Cushion Cut Diamond.

A round brilliant diamond is, of course, round in shape, and the cut is called ‘brilliant’ (‘brilliant’ for brilliance, meaning maximum light return). Thus, it’s known as the round brilliant.

The cushion cut is square or rectangular in shape with a cut that rounds the corners, making it look like a pillow or cushion. Hence the name.

Both the round brilliant diamond and cushion cut diamond is an amalgamation of vintage and modern appeal.

These styles are timeless, classic and extremely versatile. You simply can’t go wrong with either, which is why they are always the most popular, year in and year out.

When buying a round brilliant diamond and a cushion cut diamond, you can be sure that your diamond will be cherished forever and can be passed down generation to generation. These two diamond cuts and shapes transcend time and trends.


what diamond shape should I get

Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular diamond cut of them all. It is the quintessential diamond shape that everyone thinks of when someone says ‘diamond engagement ring’.

This is probably because around 75 percent of all polished diamonds are round brilliant cuts.

But why are round brilliant diamonds so popular?
1. Brilliance

Firstly, out of all the diamond shapes and cuts, round brilliant diamonds flaunt the greatest overall brilliance, fire and sparkle. The round brilliant diamond has a faceting design that has been refined to perfection through the use of cutting edge (no pun intended) technology.

Round brilliant diamonds typically have the most internal and external light reflection and performance of all diamond shapes and cuts thanks to the number and arrangement of the facets. They feature 56-58 facets, and the method of facet placement, along with its overall depth and crown height is what maximizes the brilliance, scintillation and fire of the round diamond.

Now, it’s not all about technology, as round diamonds have been in favor pretty much since the dawn of the diamond engagement ring.

2. Timeless

Round cuts are considered classic and vintage, yet they are also super modern. This because they are not a trend, they are a standard. Round diamond cuts are timeless, and they will be that way for as long as we can foresee.

History of the Round Brilliant Diamond

The first round-ish diamond cut dates back to the 16th century. People refer to it as the ‘Old Cut’. It was at a time when diamond cutting first began. The old cut had around 16 to 18 facets. This was the first version of the round brilliant and it paved the way for the beloved modern round brilliant diamond and many other diamond cuts.

Then comes the Old European Cut. With the industrial revolution spreading rapidly, diamond technology improved tenfold. Diamond cutters were able to be more precise with their cuts. The Old European Cut was in favor from the 1890s to 1930s. Interestingly, the diamond industry still produces Old European Cut diamonds. This is because many people desire antique style rings. They have a lot of character and its a very distinct look.

In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky developed the modern round brilliant diamond. Although the round brilliant diamond has been modified and perfected since then, Tolkowskyk’s design was the guide to making the perfect round brilliant diamond cut that we all know today.

For over a century, the round brilliant diamond has been the number one choice for engagement rings.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, there is another great aspect of the round brilliant diamond…

3. Settings

Round brilliant diamonds pair amazingly well with every type of engagement ring setting. However, the most classic and go-to setting is the solitaire setting.

best diamond cuts

Cost of a Round Brilliant Diamond

Round brilliant diamonds have the highest price and value for two reasons.

Firstly, the process of cutting round diamonds from rough diamonds leaves the most wastage.

Secondly, the diamond jewelry industry determined price by the 4Cs, and by nature of design, most round brilliant diamonds top the diamond grading charts.

Thus, it is the most expensive diamond of all.

However, take note that the resale value is also the highest.

Sample Round Brilliant Diamond Price

1.07 Carat with an Excellent Cut, F Color and VS1: $8,025 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

.96 Carat with a Good Cut, E Color and SI3: $2,995 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

Buying Tip:

The cut quality is the most important factor when determining price and selecting a round brilliant diamond. Cut quality tremendously affects the gorgeousness of a round brilliant diamond. Make sure you pay close attention to the cut. If you are looking to cut cost somewhere, we recommend that you choose a higher cut grade with a lower color grade, rather than vice versa.

Examples of stunning round brilliant diamond engagement rings

round brilliant diamond engagement ring

Tacori RoyalT Twisted Shank Engagement Ring Setting

round brilliant engagement ringGabriel & Co. 14k White Gold Diamond Straight Engagement Ring Setting


what diamond cut to choose

Unlike most other diamond cuts, the cushion can come in different variations which affect appearance in regards to brilliance, fire and size. It can be square or rectangular. It can have open cutlet or rounded corners. And, the proportions vary greatly.

No two cushion cut diamonds are the same. Therefore, cushion cut diamonds are the most unique type of diamonds. For women who want a diamond that is truly special to them, a cushion cut is a fantastic option.

With that being said, there are two main styles of cushion cuts:

1. The Modified Cushion Brilliant. This style of cushion cut gives a crushed ice look and is extremely brilliance (hence the name) thanks to an added row of facets at the table of the diamond.

2. The Antique-Style Cushion Cut. This one has bigger facets and is remnant of older cushion cut diamonds from the past.

Cushion cut diamonds are in high demand, and will be the second most popular diamond cut that you will see around. They have a lavish look to them and they shine bright thanks to precise facets that disperse and bend light. Moreover, cushion cut diamonds have a vintage appeal to them, which is why they are often found in modern vintage style engagement rings.

Why did they name it the ‘cushion cut’ diamond? The answer to this is simple. The name ‘cushion cut’ comes from the way it looks…like a cushion.

All in all, you simply can’t go wrong with a cushion cut just as you can’t go wrong with a round brilliant. Between the two, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

History of the Cushion Cut Diamond

The brilliant and gorgeous modern cushion cut diamond dates back to the 19th century.

But let’s go back even further to see it’s origins.

The first cushion shape diamond was known as the “mine cut”. The mine cut got its name from the Brazilian diamond mines. This was before the discovery of diamonds in South Africa. Upon this discovery, the Brazilian diamond mines were named “old mines”.

The mine cut was likely the most popular cut of the Georgian jewelry era.

The mine cut lead us to the cushion cut AND the round brilliant cut. This means the cushion shape actually dates back much further than the round shape.

Fast forward a couple of hundred years – the cushion shape diamond benefits from advanced technology, diamond cutters become more skillful, and then, the modern cushion cut diamond is born.

The typical modern cushion cut diamond has 64 facets, four or eight of those facets being kite shape between the girdle and culet. There are also several proprietary styles of the cushion cut diamond, such as Henri Daussi’s proprietary cushion cut version.

top diamond cuts

Cushion Cut Setting Styles

You are most likely to find cushion cuts set with a halo or double halo. However, the cushion cut isn’t just classic, but it is also versatile. A cushion-cut diamond looks just as great in a solitaire as it does in a halo or three stone setting.

Sample Cushion Cut Diamond Price

1.21 Carat with G Color and VS1: $6,671 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

1.01 Carat with I Color and SI1: $3,636 (via Diamonds by Raymond Lee)

Buying Tip:

A popular rule for buying cushion cut diamonds is to get a cushion cut diamond with a depth and table below 70%. The reason for this is that it allows more brilliance and fire to be maintained throughout the entire depth of the diamond.

Examples of beautiful cushion cut diamond engagement rings

is a cushion cut diamond the best

cushion cut diamond ring


popular diamond cuts 2019

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