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Bachelorette Party South Florida Ideas

South Florida can be described as Disney Land for adults. A fun place to live, work, and play is also an incredible area for weddings! Whether South Florida is your home or your destination wedding venue, check out some of the hottest South Florida venues for unforgettable bachelorette parties! An area favorite for bachelorette parties […]

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After 100 Years, Titanic Jewelry To Go On Display

The world has been fascinated by what remained on the Atlantic’s floor from Titanic’s wreckage for 100 years. Now the jewelry recovered from 1987’s research and recovery will be on public display with a three-city tour. Expensive and exquisite jewelry of wealthy travelers is sure to be of interest to many. The collection is said […]

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Prince Harry Vegas Pictures Authenticated by His…

Jewelry Confirms Prince Harry Vegas Pictures Is someone impersonating the Prince? Is there a look alike trying to pass himself off as one of the Royal heirs to the throne? These are questions that many viewers are asking as the Prince Harry nude photos from Las Vegas surfaced on the web. Although, the photos are […]

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June Couture Show in Las Vegas Sheds Light on Top Trends

June’s Couture Show in Las Vegas shed a lot of light on a number of fashionable trends and phases. In the accessories category, there are many precious and semi-precious stones hitting the top ranks. Those and other trends are featured below. One of a kind pieces of jewelry were amongst the top fashion trends at […]