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Prince Harry Vegas Pictures Authenticated by His…

Prince Harry Vegas Pictures Authenticated by His…

Jewelry Confirms Prince Harry Vegas Pictures

Is someone impersonating the Prince? Is there a look alike trying to pass himself off as one of the Royal heirs to the throne? These are questions that many viewers are asking as the Prince Harry nude photos from Las Vegas surfaced on the web. Although, the photos are grainy and dim this is not a case of mistaken identity.

The charming and handsome Prince Harry seems to have the Royal Palace and his fans in an uproar. Nude pictures of Prince Harry are apparently surfing around in cyber space for everyone to see. While some skeptics are not sure if the photos are authentic, their questions are soon put to rest.

The palace confirms that the distinctive jewelry Prince Harry is wearing cannot be that of anyone else. The watch on his arm and the pendant around his neck are enough for the Palace to confirm that the pictures are indeed authentic. The necklace hangs from a leather rope and is symbolic to his relationship with the love of his life Chelsy.

What happens next is simple, damage control. Once the palace confirmed the authenticity of the photos their next step is to minimize the negative publicity. The publications of Prince Harry’s naked pictures are not allowed to be published in the British Press.

The sad part is the photographer did not seek permission to take or publicize the nude pictures of Prince Harry. The Royal Palace is also taking other actions such as filing a complaint concerning privacy breaches. This complaint will reach the office of the Press Complaint.

The photographer will most likely face stiff fines if the Press Complaints Commission agrees with the Palace argument. This is the only logical and legal approach the Palace can take if they wish to pursue the breach of privacy complaint.

Damage control is their ace in the hole. It allows them to admit to the Prince Harry’s Las Vegas pictures and take the necessary actions to fix the problem.

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