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After 100 Years, Titanic Jewelry To Go On Display

After 100 Years, Titanic Jewelry To Go On Display

The world has been fascinated by what remained on the Atlantic’s floor from Titanic’s wreckage for 100 years. Now the jewelry recovered from 1987’s research and recovery will be on public display with a three-city tour. Expensive and exquisite jewelry of wealthy travelers is sure to be of interest to many.

The collection is said to include rings, necklaces, brooches and cuff links fashioned of diamonds and sapphires. There is at least one gold pocket watch in the collection. Even though Premier Exhibitions Inc. have sponsored single pieces of recovered jewelry from the Titanic through permanent and traveling exhibits, the first time most of the collection was available for viewing by the public will be with a debut in Atlanta.

Although single pieces of the jewelry have been on display at one or more permanent and traveling exhibits sponsored by Premier Exhibitions Inc., their Atlanta debut is the first time the majority of the collection has been available to the public.

The artifacts recovered from the recovery mission were previewed by Premier Exhibitions Inc, and RMS Titanic officials in an industrial office located in North Atlanta. RMS Titanic owns the rights to Titanic’s salvage. Premier Exhibitions is a parent company of RMS Titanic.

The jewelry has been studied and carefully preserved by conservators and curators. They wanted to both protect the jewelry and gain an understanding of the individuals who were lost at sea during the Titanic’s ill-fated last crossing.

“Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” opened in Atlanta, Georgia this year. The exhibition will next travel to Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida.

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