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June Couture Show in Las Vegas Sheds Light on Top Trends

June Couture Show in Las Vegas Sheds Light on Top Trends

June’s Couture Show in Las Vegas shed a lot of light on a number of fashionable trends and phases. In the accessories category, there are many precious and semi-precious stones hitting the top ranks. Those and other trends are featured below.

One of a kind pieces of jewelry were amongst the top fashion trends at this years Couture show. This piece, above, is Arunashi’s Wildflower Cuff made of titanium, with diamonds, spinel, paraiba and sapphires. This cuff is retailing for $86,400.

Opals add a unique play of color to any fine jewelry. Also featured at the Couture show were an overwhelming number of opals. Gaining popularity, these shimmery, versatile gems look great paired with precious stones. Below, the diamond and opal engagement ring is a unique play on this combination that’s truly aimed to please.

A girl’s second best friend, pearls, never seem to fall out of style. Even a classic princess length strand makes a huge statement.

Jade, an ornamental stone, is actually derived from two different rocks. It’s polished and turned into gorgeous jewelry, in any event, that is very trendy right now. Raymond Lee is currently offering a Vintage Van Cleef & Arpels carved mother of pearl, jade, and diamond necklace, pin and earring set. This intricately designed and extremely rare set of jewelry incorporate beautiful elements into its facade.

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Buildable or detachable drop earings are a new trend within the fashion world. Because of their accessorizing versatility, these will probably stay in fashion for many seasons to come. These Nam Cho detachable earrings are made in 18 karat white gold with chalcedony and rose cut white diamonds.

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