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Rosé All Day Boca Raton at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Rosé All Day Boca Raton at Diamonds By Raymond Lee Rosé flows all day, and the diamonds are forever. Is there a better way to spend a day than ogling the magnificent designs brought to you by Diamonds by Raymond Lee? Not if you add free-flowing Rosé and the chance to win one of the…
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Diamonds Boca Raton

Diamonds Boca Raton Selections – Only the Best

The diamonds Boca Raton demands are unlike any other. They’re, simply put, the best. Our discerning clientele know what they like and make no apologies for it, and as proud members of the Boca Raton community, we’re uniquely poised to satisfy this very specific demand. We know our clients want the best, and we know…
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Cushion cut halo ring

Diamond Clarity Lingo

Earlier this week, we talked about different terms we use when describing, selling, and buying diamonds. And while that list is far from comprehensive, it makes a great jumping off point for a subcategory of diamond jargon that’s earned a post all its own: diamond clarity. Clarity isn’t quite as complicated to discuss as, say,…
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Gem Diamonds Sells 164 Carat Diamond for $9 Mill

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. A 164 carat D color diamond was found at the Main pipe, on April 30th, worth an estimated $9 million dollars. The breakdown of the diamond puts each carat at $54,911. Unfortunately they didn’t choose to sell diamonds Boca Raton most certainly would have loved to us, but was…
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Did Diamonds Start on the Ocean Floor?

The natural processes which create diamonds are intricate and based in geological systems. Not all diamonds share the same chemical signature, foundational compounds or model for creation. Rather there are multiple processes often times yielding beautiful varieties of diamonds. Studies regarding the origin and creation of diamonds vary. Eclogitic versus Peridotitic Diamonds Recent research suggests…
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The World's Most Expensive iPhone 5

Think you spent a lot of money on your iPhone? Think again. While iPhones have moved from luxuries to necessities in today’s fast-paced world, a Chinese businessman is putting the “luxury” status back into the iPhone, dropping more than seven figures on his communication tool. The Chinese businessman, identified only as “Joe,” hired a famed…
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Christie's Celebrates Spring With the Auction of the Princie Diamond

It’s usually Africa that gets all the attention for sparkling, oversized diamonds, but India is no slouch on the scene, either. Some of the most famous and beautiful diamonds have come from the Golconda mines, which are located in Southern India. In fact, one of the most famous pink diamonds in history is from Golconda,…
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Announcing Our Latest Giveaway: Mother’s Day 2013 Contest!

Earlier today we might have been joking about free diamonds, but we’re 100% serious now! Mother’s Day 2013 is quickly approaching (May 12th) and to celebrate the amazing women in all of our lives, we’re holding a Mother’s Day Contest: Tell us why the lady in your life is a “gem” and she could win…
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