Did Diamonds Start on the Ocean Floor?

The natural processes which create diamonds are intricate and based in geological systems. Not all diamonds share the same chemical signature, foundational compounds or model for creation. Rather there are multiple processes often times yielding beautiful varieties of diamonds. Studies regarding the origin and creation of diamonds vary.

Eclogitic versus Peridotitic Diamonds

Recent research suggests that some diamonds were formed from organic materials on the ancient ocean floor. These are known as eclogitic diamonds. Organic materials such as bacteria or algae were thrust down into the Earth’s mantle through a process known as subduction. Ultimately organic carbon remnants were exposed to extreme heat and pressure to form diamonds. Peridotitic diamonds are more common than eclogitic diamonds, but are formed from inorganic carbon.

The body of research supporting the creation of diamonds in the ocean continues to grow. Diamonds are virtually impenetrable and contain a wealth of information about conditions surrounding their formation. The complexity of the chemical and geological processes surrounding diamonds adds to the mystic of these gemstones. Diamonds adorn jewelry and other ornate creations beautifully and are natural works of art.

Naturally Sophisticated

You can enjoy the natural sophistication and beauty of diamonds every time you wear one. Raymond Lee Jewelers helps clients find the perfect diamonds and fine-jewelry for any occasion. Clients can browse a collection of impressive diamond rings via advanced search tools and expert customer service. Though there is some contention, it may be true some diamonds were formed on the ocean floor. The evidence continues to grow. Diamonds are naturally sophisticated and intriguingly complex.

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