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Happy Earth Day! Our favorite Green & Blue Jewels

Happy Earth Day 2013 everyone! Each year, we take a day to appreciate the beautiful planet we’re blessed with (and seriously, it doesn’t get much more idyllic than the little slice of paradise our Boca Raton jewelry store sits upon!) We’d like to take today to remind our clients, fans, friends and fellow jewel-lovers that estate jewelry is the ultimate way to reconcile a love for bling with a love for the earth. It’s no secret that diamond (and gem, and all other metal) mining can be horrifically destructive. It takes on average 250 tons of ore to create a single 1 carat cut and polished diamond – that’s a massive environmental impact (to say nothing of the unfortunately inhumane practices associated with diamond mining). When you love sparkle, but want to be a conscious consumer, estate jewelry is a perfect option. None of our jewelry is mass produced or the result of a massive diamond company’s new mining. Even the biggest diamond mines in the world only sell a small portion of ethically and environmentally-sound sourced diamonds. So if you’re looking for a new bauble without the toll it takes on our planet, celebrate Earth Day with us and some of our fabulous green and blue jewels – all beautifully recycled.


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