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Auction Action: Christie's Bonham's & Sotheby's Calendars

Auction Action: Christie's Bonham's & Sotheby's Calendars

Considering that our discerning estate jewelry customers love a good auction, we decided to keep everyone abreast of the best luxury auctions happening at the major auction houses each week. While scouring eBay and 1st Dibs for the next great find is always a fun pastime, nothing beats the thrill of the fine auction (nor the spoils!) Check them out below.


  • Signature Cellars: Online Only Wine Auction (Online Only) April 16 – April 30
    • Vintage Couture: Handbags, Luggage & Accessories: Online Only (Only Online) 18 April – 2 May
    • The Saeed Motamed Collection – Part I (London, South Kensington) April 22
    • Le goût Français – Arts décoratifs du XIIIe au XIXe siècle (Paris) April 22 -23
    • Milan Modern and Contemporary (Milan) April 22 -23
    • A Palladian Villa By Michael S. Smith (New York, Rockefeller Center) April 23-24
    • Fine Wine and Vintage Port (Amsterdam) April 23
    • Christie’s Interiors (London, South Kensington) April 23
    • Oriental Rugs and Carpets (London, King Street) April 23
    • Travel, science and Natural History (London, South Kensington) April 24
    • A Private Collection Donated to Benefit the University of Oxford, Part III (London, King Street) April 25
    • Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds (London, King Street)
    • Collection Denise Levy (Paris) April 25
    • Andy Warhol @ Christie’s: Studio 54 (Online Only) April 26 – May 3
    • Arts of Islam Including Property from the Bequest of Adrienne Minassian sold to benefit Brown University (London, South Kensington) April 26


  • The Orientalist Sale (London) April 23
  • Arts of the Islamic World (London) April 24
  • Important English and European Decorative Arts (New York) April 24
  • The el Bullicellar sold to benefit the elBullifoundation (New York) April 26
  • Finest and Rarest Wines (New York) April 27


  • Islamic and Indian Art (London, New Bond Street) April 23
  • Antique Arms and Armour  (London, Knightsbridge) April 24
  • The Greek Sale (London, New Bond Street) April 24
  • Fine Jewellery  (London, New Bond Street) April 24
  • Marine Sale  (London, Knightsbridge) April 24
  • The Oak Interior (Chester) April 24-25
  • Fine Furniture, Silver, Decorative Arts & Clocks (New York) April 24-25
  • The Spring Stafford Sale Important Pioneer, Vintage & Collectors’ Motorcycles and Related Memorabilia (Stafford, Staffordshire County Showground) April 28


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