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Chanel is reintroducing the classic Premiere watch line with an interactive marketing campaign. In total there are twelve watches in the line, each with a distinct personality and price point. The re-imagined luxury timepieces are showcased in new and intriguing ways.

Modern Image and Style

The marketing campaign is a little quirky. It features women in various modes of city life flashing their Premiere watches to the world. Fun and exclusive are two words to describe the action. Versatile is also apt. Women are featured riding on motorcycles, flinging their hair and assertively hailing cabs-watches gleaming in the sun. The campaign incorporates adventurous living and fine-jewelry into a modern image of the Premiere watch line.

The first Chanel Premiere timepiece was introduced in 1987. The reintroduced version is slightly larger at 28 millimeters versus 26 millimeters. The chain bracelet can be adjusted at home versus having a boutique shop making the adjustment for you. Chanel Premiere watches vary in terms of precious metals and gem settings. The price point for these watches ranges from $4,300 and $28,500.

You can find Chanel watches and other luxury timepieces at Raymond Lee Jewelers in south Florida. You will find an unrivaled selection of fine-jewelry and watches to choose from. Be sure to explore the reintroduced Premiere watch line and the interactive marketing campaign.

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