Spotlight on: The Richard Mille Panda Tourbillon for Basel

Famous for his edgy and trend-conscious take on luxury watches, the Swiss horologist and brand Richard Mille has outdone himself with his latest collection of Tourbillons, set to debut for Baselworld 2013. Two timepieces are going on display, one features a red skull and the other, notably, is of a peckish panda, grazing in a bamboo field. They each showcase the label’s eye for fierce fashion statements in addition to superior operation.

Cutting Edge Technology

Richard Mille’s watches are certainly stylish, but more than that, they are state-of-the-art timekeeping machines. Utilizing only the best materials — some of which he introduced to the medium — Mille routinely produces lighter, more accurate and more efficient products than many of his contemporaries. Though the relatively young company only began in 2001, the unique philosophy and marked quality have pushed Richard Mille’s watches to the forefront of the luxury watch market.

The Panda Tourbillon

The red skull watch is edgy and masculine, but it’s a look that is popular among many brands. It’s the Richard Mille Panda Tourbillon that is particularly striking in this collection. You might think the panda is an unusual choice of symbol for a watch at first blush, but in fact it stands as an emblem of peace, balance and inspiration, especially with its landscape of bamboo. Made from black onyx, diamonds and two kinds of gold, the panda takes on a richness that elevates what could have been a very girlish design.

Baselworld attracts the best watchmakers, and they each contribute their latest and greatest products. Despite this excess of talent, you’ll likely see Richard Mille and his Panda Tourbillon lead the news in interest. Many brands are offering classically beautiful and high functioning watches, but only Richard Mille is bucking tradition in this conservative realm and constructing pieces that are exceptionally made and unconventionally designed.

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