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Gem Diamonds Sells 164 Carat Diamond for $9 Mill

Gem Diamonds Sells 164 Carat Diamond for $9 Mill

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. A 164 carat D color diamond was found at the Main pipe, on April 30th, worth an estimated $9 million dollars. The breakdown of the diamond puts each carat at $54,911. Unfortunately they didn’t choose to sell diamonds Boca Raton most certainly would have loved to us, but was sold as part of a profit sharing venture. The diamond is of high quality color and clarity. Approximately 30 percent of The Letseng mine is owned by the Lesotho Government.

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Crushers have been put in place in the mines to prevent further damages, to the diamonds in the mines. Operation diamond recovery is expected to be a success. Among the diamonds recovered are two diamonds, one being 103 carats, and the other diamond being 164 carats. Neither diamond was damaged, during the extraction process.

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Although, the 103 carat diamond is a gem, and a pleasure to look at; it will not be sold. However, there are plans in place to sell other diamonds. The larger diamond, weighing in at 164 carats. Diamonds are worth their weight in carats, and they are beautifully and uniquely produced.

The recovery and purchase of these exceptional diamonds only reinforces Lesotho position, as being the ultimate source of producing and introducing quality diamonds. The last two diamonds were recovered from the on schedule, and many more diamonds are expected to follow.


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