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Tacori engagement rings come in a stunning variety of shapes to fit the diamond of your choice – but you already knew that thanks to this handy post about diamond shapes for your Tacori ring! If you were smitten with the princess cut example, you’re not alone.

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular fancy diamond shapes today – jewelers consider any diamond shape besides round to be a “fancy” cut, including the beautiful princess. Princess cut diamonds are notable for their precise sharp corners, their slightly different faceting pattern, and their modern edge.

That faceting style is sharper, almost pixelated, and produces the hearts & arrows effect (there’s actually a branded diamond cut by that name.) They hide color and inclusions very nicely, letting you spend your budget where it counts, on a superior cut grade. This also balances out a princess cut’s tendency to carry carat weight at the bottom of the diamond, where you can’t see it. So what you pay extra for to get the look of a bigger diamond, you save on color and clarity. Pretty much the exact opposite of an emerald cut!

And when you combine princess cut diamonds with Tacori engagement rings? Well, the result is simply magical. We love the clean and modern precision of the princess cut diamond against Tacori’s Old World style. Each heirloom quality setting adds warmth and depth to the bright glimmer of the princess cut center stone. And you’ll just have to see it to truly appreciate how gorgeous this combo is.

Tacori Engagement Rings

This beautiful Petite Crescent solitaire was featured earlier this week, and we’re back to showing it off again today. Impeccably set diamonds create a string of round brilliants that add approximately .23 carats total to this platinum solitaire. The side profile features Tacori’s signature crescent design.

Tacori Engagement Rings

We LOVE this amazing Sculpted Crescent solitaire in yellow gold. The bezel set accent diamonds you see on the ring’s shanks add .18 carats total to the beauty of this ring. Note those prongs that hug the corners of the princess cut center stone – that’s to protect the most vulnerable parts of the diamonds from chipping!

Tacori Engagement Rings

This Clean Crescent solitaire features a cut you don’t see that often, the stunning Asscher cut. This is a great way to add texture and interest with two different diamond cuts that still have the same square silhouette to unite them. The accent Asscher cuts add .89ctw to this stunning ring.

Tacori Engagement Rings

This Reverse Crescent setting steps away from the style du jour of the super delicate diamond band to add the bold and hand carved style of Tacori’s signature crescent, inverted. The graduated round brilliant diamonds are channel set in millgrain beading that features breathtaking scrollwork on its side profile. The diamonds add approximately .25ctw of diamonds to the platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold Tacori engagement ring setting of your choice!

Tacori Engagement Rings

This Petite Crescent beauty shows off approximately .57 carats total of Gorgeous (G color) Very Sexy (VS clarity) diamonds set into the shared prong view you see above and in the ring’s profile for even more shine from every angle.

Tacori Engagement Rings

Last but not least, how pretty is this Dantela solitaire? We love the channel set round brilliant diamonds in the shanks that gently taper at the center stone. Dantela’s lace-inspired windows of light are carved into the ring’s gallery and side profile for a minimal, but still very feminine, end result.

Are you ready to don your crown, princess? Tell us your favorite in the comments below, and follow Diamonds by Raymond Lee on Pinterest for more Tacori engagement ring inspiration.

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