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Tacori Engagement Rings – Which Shape Should You Get?

Tacori Engagement Rings – Which Shape Should You Get?

Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori engagement rings come in pretty much every diamond shape you could imagine. And if the setting you love doesn’t default to the shape you want, Tacori makes it easy as 1-2-3 to create the custom Tacori engagement ring of your dreams with their No Modification Charge Policy.

What does that mean?

1) Center Stone Friendly!

There are never any modification charges to accommodate a different shaped center stone or different weight center stone within an existing ring style, up to 2.5 carats. Want a rock bigger than 2.5 carats? You still won’t pay a fee – just for the additional metal and/or diamond necessary to accommodate your beautiful diamond. With the RoyalT collection (specially designed for diamonds 2 carats and up) you can go all the way to 4 carats before you need an estimate for additional metal!

2) No “New Ring Charges”!

There are no “New Ring Charges” to create special customized ring styles. Tacori wants to share their special spirit of California-bred independence with every Tacori Girl, so if she wants to custom create a luxury engagement ring at her whimsy, Tacori (and we here at DBRL) fully support her. Want a thinner band? Done. Want to combine this ring’s shanks with that ring’s halo? Done! Whether you want larger diamonds for your halo, to extend accent diamonds on the band further around the ring, to add Tacori’s signature crescent design, any inlay, or to match a wedding ring and engagement ring, there’s no added charge.

3) Finger Size Friendly!

There are no charges to adjust a finger size of Tacori engagement rings.  Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 12, you won’t pay to change a ring size.

The most important factor of this is number one, which lets you choose any shape center diamond for your dream Tacori setting. We’ll custom make the ring of your dreams with a shape you’re craving. So all you have to decide is which shape diamond you want in your Tacori engagement ring!


Tacori engagement rings

The round diamond is the ultimate classic. A round brilliant diamond is perfect for the woman whose style is timeless chic. This cut is one of the sparkliest, pioneered by Marcel Tolkowsky to outshine any cut before it. It distributes its weight well, looks fabulous in any setting, and easily matches your dream wedding band.

The emerald cut is elegant and opulent. It requires a superior color and clarity grade because its facets don’t leave much to the imagination. Nope – emerald cuts know how gorgeous they are and show it off! They’re perfect for three stone settings and halos like the one shown above.


Tacori engagement rings

Pear shapes are our current favorite shape, way overdue for a comeback and finally making one! They’re also an elongated shape, so you get the visual of a larger diamond, and this is a shape you won’t see every day. It’s perfect for fashionistas who want to stand out but stay classic. We love it as a modern halo, or in a classic cathedral setting with pears or baguettes on either side.


Tacori engagement rings

The oval is a twist on the classic round, using that length to width ratio to its advantage, but maintaining the gorgeous brilliant faceting pattern that makes it shine bright. Like its brilliant cut cousins, it hides color and inclusions very well. It looks gorgeous as a solitaire with elaborate detailing, like this Reverse Crescent halo demonstrates.


Finally, the popular princess cut. Gorgeous with its crisp corners (expertly hugged by this Tacori setting) and with a glittering facet pattern that produces “hearts & arrows” it’s no secret why this is such a fan favorite. On a delicate diamond band, as a solitaire is our favorite way to set this shape.

Don’t see your dream diamond shape? We’re looking at you, cushion cut crushes! Remember that we can customize any of these settings – or any of the Tacori engagement rings you see in our online store – with the shape of your choice. Save your favorites and e-mail us today!


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