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Tacori Engagement Rings Perfect For Your Oval Diamond Dreams

Tacori Engagement Rings Perfect For Your Oval Diamond Dreams

Tacori engagement rings

Tacori engagement rings look fabulous with pretty much any shape diamond center stone, as we’ve mentioned before. And last week, we got to show off a few of our favorite princess cut diamond Tacori settings. Well, today we’re back and feeling majorly inspired by Tacori’s gorgeous new #TacoriGirl love story, starring none other than a mouthwatering oval diamond.

Tacori Engagement Rings

The oval diamond shape is a favorite among brides who favor the classic, but want to stand out in a sea of round brilliant diamonds. The oval is a brilliant cut, with a similar facet pattern to that of RB diamonds, but it’s what we call a “fancy shape.” Fancy shape diamonds are those brilliant cuts besides round, like marquise, radiant, pear, and heart.

Lazare Kaplan pioneered this shape in the 1960’s, and took the brilliance and fire of the brilliant cut, but added a few advantages. For one, the elongated shape makes the diamond appear larger. For another bonus, it also makes the wearer’s finger look slimmer. And exactly how long and thin you prefer your ovals determines the length to width ratio. While you can get one as fat or as narrow as you’d like, most ovals fall between 1.35-1.50 LxW ratio.

Because they’re a brilliant cut, they hide both color and inclusions very well, so you can choose a diamond with a lower color and clarity to spend where it really matters. For most people, they’d apply their savings to upping the diamond’s carat weight. But with an oval diamond, you need to spring for a superior cut grade too. Because ovals are elongated, they (like marquise and pears) produce a “bow tie” effect, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The facets in the center of the diamond absorb light, producing a shadow in the shape of a man’s bow tie smack in the middle of your diamond. Every fancy shape in this family has some degree of bow tie effect, but it varies greatly. It’s also not something you can see on a diamond certificate, so when shopping for an oval, you always need to see it in person first.

Shopping online? Make sure your seller has a solid, money back guarantee – which you should look for anyway. And make sure the jeweler posts actual pictures of the diamond you’re eyeing – not a stock photo, similar stone, or (worst case scenario) someone else’s picture entirely.

So yes, ovals provide advantages to their admirers, as long as you respect this diamond cut’s individual wants, needs and desires. To recap, oval cut diamonds:

  • tend to look larger thanks to their length
  • need to have a superior cut grade to avoid a dark “bow tie” effect in the center of the stone
  • but they do have plenty of wiggle room in the color and clarity departments, thanks to their brilliance
  • look beautiful in cathedral settings with ovals, half moons, and trillions
  • usually require a fitted wedding band

But let’s get down to business – the Tacori engagement rings that bring our beautiful oval diamonds to life!

Tacori Engagement Rings

This beautiful Reverse Crescent halo features graduated round brilliant diamonds channel set into handcrafted platinum, with Tacori’s famed windows of light carved into the ring’s profile (in an actual reversal of their signature crescent design!) The center bloom of diamonds is a gently scalloped halo of diamonds that combine with everything else to bring approximately .47 carats total of diamonds to this ring. The setting holds the .75 carat or larger oval diamond of your choice.

Tacori Engagement Rings

This is a shot of the Tacori ring above in action! It’s easy to see why this stunning Dantela halo stars in the new #TacoriGirl campaign, with a unique setting style on the delicate band, and a subtle bloom of diamonds that enhances your center diamond. The accent diamonds are Gorgeous (G colored) Very Sexy (VS clarity) round brilliants that add approximately .30ctw to this setting. It comes in platinum, 18 karat white gold, 18 karat yellow gold, and 18 karat rose gold – we think any would be fabulous!

We’re obsessed with ovals, and we hope you will be too – especially when combined with our gorgeous Tacori engagement rings. If you want to see more oval diamonds, and of course more Tacori engagement rings, follow Diamonds by Raymond Lee on Pinterest!


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