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Tacori Engagement Rings Stacked to Perfection

Tacori engagement rings deserve nothing but the best, and the natural fit for them is, of course, their perfectly matched Tacori wedding rings (besides their adoring #TacoriGirl, obviously!) But because Tacori exudes luxury from literally every angle, it’s understanding that their rings demand just a little bit more from their lifelong partners-in-bling. In fact, they practically beg their owners to make it a double.

A double dose of Tacori wedding bands can never do you wrong. In Tacori speak, we call a set of bands twins or triplets. We’ve yet to see a full set of quadruplets but if & when that day comes we won’t fault the bride who needs four Tacori bands – we’re totally sympathetic to her cause ?.

So when you’re looking for your wedding rings to match your Tacori engagement rings, keep in mind that you can always add more. Whether you purchase them as a set or you add to your stack for special occasions and anniversaries, Tacori rings play very well with others.

First up, let’s treat ourselves to some rose all day. This stack calls to every rose gold loving bride! We paired a Pretty in Pink Ribbon style solitaire with a complementary sculpted rose gold wedding band (bottom.) The two fit together perfectly, with no air between rings, and make a gorgeous pair. But adding the center rose gold wedding band takes it to the next level. It’s a geometric little number from the Sculpted Crescent collection with .15ctw of delicate diamonds, just waiting to show off how easy it is to mix and match Tacori rings.

Next, we want to show off a more collected look. This stack reminds us of those lucky Tacori Girls who add an anniversary band to their bridal set a few years later, when they want to switch things up. The original set is a Petite Crescent set with a soft square halo engagement ring and its twin wedding band, this Petite Crescent eternity band. We layered the sculpted band from the Pretty in Pink collection, shown above, for a beautiful contrast.

Here, we wanted to add a little flair to our solitaire! Another soulmate-set, this Petite Crescent round brilliant solitaire is the ultimate classic, especially when paired with her twin diamond eternity wedding band. But when you add a fraternal twin? The magic happens. Now, this stack is eclectic, with a nod to individual preference for a more vintage touch. All thanks to the addition of this Sculpted Crescent Tacori wedding ring, featuring a mix of bezel-set and bead-set round brilliant diamonds that wrap around the entire band and add another .43ctw of diamonds to this epic stack.

Now, let’s take the same solitaire and white gold diamond eternity band from above and re-visit the Sculpted Crescent rose gold wedding ring from the first stack. Isn’t is amazing how different the same rings look paired with another fraternal twin? It shows how easily you can customize your dream Tacori set by playing with their huge variety of options!

Before we move on to more Tacori engagement rings and their wedding band soulmates, we just want to show off an emerging trend we’re noticing now: the all-band stack. Here, we’ve combined the two Tacori wedding rings from the stack above, plus the Sculpted Crescent band from stack #3. It’s perfect for the more low-key bride, and it’s a look worn by #TacoriGirl Whitney Port and Bachelorette Emily Maynard, who built her stack from Henri Daussi wedding rings (another favorite designer of DBRL brides!)

But back to Tacori engagement rings – time to play another round of mix & match! We started with this Sculpted Crescent set, a four prong solitaire on a beautiful bezel set diamond band, with its matching diamond eternity wedding ring. This gorgeous pairing alone features .58ctw of round brilliant accent diamonds, but why not add to it? We explored the same line – Sculpted Crescent – to tie the look together, but decided to spice things up with some yellow gold. This geometric Tacori wedding ring  adds another .17ctw of round brilliant diamonds set in 18 karat yellow gold. The bezel set diamonds match both the engagement ring and wedding ring’s band styles to unite all three rings perfectly.

Finally, we decided to go for even more gold, using the same formula. We built this stack first with the Tacori Gold collection, using a floral halo engagement ring setting and its matching wedding band. Then we revisited our Sculpted Crescent white gold band from above (can you tell we play favorites?) Here’s the link again – you’ll see it also comes in yellow and rose gold, but we like it here in white gold to break up the set!

These entirely different looks all came from a handful – literally – of our Tacori engagement rings and wedding bands. Imagine what you could do with the entire selection at your disposal! Tell us – do you prefer the stacked look?

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