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Summer 2012 Blockbusters Stars' Luxury Watches

Celebrities have a special flare for the finer things in life. The cars, the clothes, and the accessories are always of the utmost quality. There is no exception when it comes to watches. This summer’s blockbuster stars have been seen wearing a wide variety of luxury watches. From Robert Downey JR. to Christian Bale, luxury watches are the perfect accessories for the crime-fighting superhero.

It’s Simple, We Must Stylize the Batman

Batman has a clear penchant for luxury, both on and off the screen. At the 2011 Oscars, Christian Bale was sporting a harry Winston Ocean Dual Time watch. This eye-catching watch has two dials for time, another dial smaller dial for seconds, and a day night indicator. It’s an interesting choice for Bale, indicating he has a concern about what time it is in two parts of the world! This is not the first time Bale was spotted wearing a high-end luxury watch.

With the 2012 release of The Dark Knight Rises, Jaeger LeCoultre released a special edition Batman Reverso watch. It is a tribute to their Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 watch. This special edition watch also features a Batman logo on the hidden reversed side. The watch piece itself has a sleek black dial with stainless steel markings to denote the hour. The whole package is completed with an elegant black alligator strap.

Ironman’s Many Watches

Tony Stark, Ironman’s alter ego played by Robert Downey Jr., loves all the finer things in life. Throughout the Iron Man and Avengers movies, we see Downey wearing a number of high-end luxury watches. This not only helps develop his character as a man concerned with style, but also showcases some eye catching luxury men’s watches. Below is a brief list of watches Downey has been seen sporting:

· Blvgari Luxury – this retro chronograph has a black band with gold trim, gold indices, and a black face

· Bvlgari Diagono Sport – black leather band with a black face

This summer has seen an unprecedented release of blockbusters. Each one with leading males supporting luxury watches to thrill and entice the designer and fine things appreciator within us all.

Travis G for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and luxury watch boutique and buyer.

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