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The 3 Most Popular Type of Watch Movements

There are three basic type of watch movements: Mechanical movement, Quartz movement, and automatic movement. Mechanical movement is the oldest form of watch making, then automatic movement watches, and last automatic movement. Here are some features of each type.

Mechanical Watch Movement

  • Preferred by most watch enthusiasts
  • Usually Swiss made
  • Works by winding the mainspring inside of the watch it slowly unwinds over a day or two
  • Lasts generations

Quartz Watch Movement

  • Usually the least expensive type of watch
  • runs by battery combined with a quartz crystal energy runs through the crystal to power watch
  • No winding
  • replace battery about every year or so

Automatic Watch Movement

  • Self winding design powered by wrist movement
  • maintains power while it is worn and inner spring is wound
  • detailed inner construction
  • durable

The favorite type of the three watch movements is the mechanical movement, it is crafted just as it has been since the beginning of watch making. The Swiss have long been known for producing these quality timepieces. If a watch is Swiss made this means that it is crafted in Switzerland and has quality inner workings. A Swiss made watch will not only hold its value but sometimes it will increase in value (in the case of antique luxury watches. Click here to find out which watch brands hold their value best). Mechanical watches last for generations if they are well maintained. If you own a Swiss made watch be sure to have it maintained and repair by a reputable and experienced jeweler or watchmaker.

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