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Spotlight on Graff: MasterGraff Ultra Flat Icon Skeleton 43mm

Spotlight on Graff: MasterGraff Ultra Flat Icon Skeleton 43mm

MasterGraff Icon Skeleton Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that will catch the attention of passersby with its unique and sophisticated style, then the MasterGraff Ultra Flat Icon 43mm is the watch for you. It’s modern design, technological efficiency and optional features make it one of the most dynamic pieces Graff has ever sold. There is no mistaking this watch as an ordinary timepiece.

Modern Design

The face of the watch lives-up to its name, featuring an openwork Graff Icon dial that allows you to see the inner workings of the timepiece. It comes with a black DLC and rose gold casing, an exclusive Graff deployment buckle and black crocodile strap. Simply put, it is an awesome looking watch. Its hip, perforated surface is elegant, allowing you to wear the watch to work or social gatherings. You can also see the Graff craftsmanship and showcase it to your friends and family. Its openwork style adds intrigue to the piece and sets it apart other high-end watches.

Technological Efficiency

The MasterGraff Skeleton is an efficient timepiece capable of tracking hours, minutes and seconds with precision. The hand-wound, Graff Calibre 4 and 70 hour power reserve create an impressive watch that will keep on ticking, especially when you’re on the go. It also has a water resistance of 3 ATM, protecting its inner workings from the elements. Graff’s design team has incorporated its time-tested construction techniques and technological advances, creating a watch unrivaled by other brands in terms of technological efficiency.

Optional Features

You have choices regarding the casing the MasterGraff Skeleton comes with. You can select a DLC and titanium case offset by gold lugs or a black DLC with white gold casing. You can pick the style that best fits your tastes. You can also have the strap changed out on the secondary market, if you would like to customize the look and feel of your watch. Wearing a watch like the MasterGraff Skeleton says a lot about you, and making the watch perfect will send the right message to everyone that sees you.

Style & Character

The MasterGraff Skeleton is a mix of contemporary style and tradition, which says a lot about the person wearing the watch. It sends a message that the wearer is up with the times, but that he also understands the importance of quality and tradition. It is a bold watch for a bold individual. There are not too many watches on the market with this type of character, and it’s a watch that can make an individual standout at work.

There is no reason to settle for an ordinary timepiece when the MasterGraff Skeleton is on the market. This sleek watch is sure to turn heads and earn the respect of watch fans everywhere you go.


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