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E-ring Eye Candy – Split Shank Engagement Rings

We’re satisfying our afternoon craving for engagement ring eye candy with some marvelous split shank engagement rings! The split shank setting is a gorgeous way to mount a diamond, and can skew modern or completely vintage, depending on the color of the metal, the shape of your center stone, and how elaborate the setting is. Today, we’ve got our eyes on some stunning split shank halo engagement rings from the showroom. These rings pack a big punch of glamour with stone enhancing micropave halos and their settings. The split shank is a great way to enhance the size of a diamond – the two bands frame the stone, creating a visual impact that draws the eye vertically and horizontally across the diamond for a wow effect. Please, indulge with us as we highlight some of our favorite split shank engagement rings!

Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring 4.10ct Round Brilliant Cut with GIA Certificate

14kt White Gold Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring with GIA Certificate


1.5 carat Cushion Cut Engagement Ring in Platinum Pave Setting



1 carat Pear Halo Engagement Ring


Which of these split shank halo engagement rings would you wear?

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