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Best Wedding Blogs 2012

Best Wedding Blogs 2012

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When we’re prepping our Wedding Wednesday posts each week, the first thing we try to do is get inspired. Maybe we’re eyeing a gorgeous cake on Pinterest. Or maybe we’re humming sweet first dance songs. There’s a strong possibility we’re drooling over our very own engagement ring eye candy.

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But where do we turn when we’re fresh out of ideas? When trying to find the perfect something blue is giving us wedding bell blues? When we need a definitive answer as to which is hotter: neutral bridesmaids dresses or peony wedding bouquets? There’s only one, #WW-saving answer: Wedding Blogs.

This niche of the internet is all things wedding, all the time. It’s where stressed brides can find empathy, and where vendors can make their dreams come true. It’s where everything on Pinterest comes from (sort of)! And, just like any other industry, the wedding blogosphere has its own heavy hitters.

Cision, a database software, has compiled the best wedding blogs 2012 with these top 10 (and then some). They’ve ranked each blog by Twitter followers, although these super popular websites also have thousands of Facebook fans and Pinterest followers too. There are several on this list that we consult weekly for Wedding Wednesday goodness, and we’re recommending them to all of our gorgeous RLJ brides!


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